American Global Standards Participates in WeatherTech International Challenge

American Global Standards announced its participation in the WeatherTech International Challenge, a car race that took place on the 19th to 22nd of July, 2021.

American Global Standards was a car sponsor and President, Stephen Keneally, participated in the 2021 WeatherTech International Challenge. The event, which took place earlier in July, is one of the largest annual vintage car races in the United States.

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American Global Standards is an industry leader in quality management systems and they are walking the walk, as racing engineering requires the highest standard of quality control in order to be safe. Something AGS has done for over 25 years.

American Global Standards has over 25 years’ experience in supporting the manufacturing and service industries through their International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification services. The ISO 9001 certification is the world’s most recognized Quality Management System Standard. The American Global Standard’s certifications can provide clients with added credibility, demonstrating their products meet rigorous ISO standards.

In participating in the WeatherTech International Challenge, American Global Standards reaffirms its commitment to premium quality standards. The company used its rigorous quality control systems to ensure the cars performed at the highest standards while keeping spectators and drivers safe.

Manufacturers and service industry providers certified by the quality control registrar will receive the same high-quality standards management services. American Global Standards’ ISO 9001 certification also provides a variety of benefits to manufacturers, including improved corporate image, optimized company structure, reduced number of audits, improved records in litigation cases, and more.

The registrar has made it easy for companies to become certified with its Virtual Certification program for the ISO 9001. The program can be completed entirely online, saving companies valuable time and money.

To become certified with American Global Standards, interested companies must first submit information regarding the size, location and product or service. The registrar will then develop a custom contract to fit the company’s needs.

The organization has developed a strong reputation for its quality control and management systems and its high-level of client care.

One satisfied client said: “Having ISO certification is a big step for me to move forward and to grow. I am getting into the high-end type of customer that I am trying to do work for and this certification is an advantage over the competition. Thanks American Global Standards for everything.”

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