Amber Peay to Release Book to Boost Children’s Self-esteem After the Pandemic

The Shaggy Donkey : A True Story of Resiliency for Children, Co-created by Children by Founder and Author, Amber Peay, will be launched through Amazon on July 26.

The Shaggy Donkey Founder and now author, Amber Peay is set to launch her children’s book, “The Shaggy Donkey” on July 26, 2021.

Peay’s inspiration in writing her children’s book came after seeing so many parents tackling self-esteem and low confidence issues among their children especially after the pandemic.

Her clients struggle to find resources to boost confidence and resiliency among their children that will help them lead a successful life including school careers and relationships.

“A True Story of Resiliency for Children, Co-created by Children, The Shaggy Donkey has something to say about Resiliency to children facing adversity based on his true story and his unique gift that he has to share with them.” Peay shared.

And clients can’t stop raving about it. According to one fan, “The Shaggy Donkey is a beautiful story about finding the good in ourselves and embracing the valuable gift of love. It’s so important to instill the importance of taking care of living creatures for our children and this story nails it!”.

Her book will be launched via Amazon on July 26. Those wanting to grab a copy can go to : The Shaggy Donkey

Peay has been transforming obstacles into opportunities since 2018 starting as a Global Goodwill Ambassador and a Keynote Speaker for PurposePoint who focuses on inspiring people to lead and live life with purpose.

Having been raised by a single father, Peay survived TV dinners and moving challenges. She successfully became a mom to two daughters and a dedicated wife grateful for a simple home and many home-cooked meals.

A problem solver at heart, her faith is her guiding principle and the book is inspired by the resiliency of her journey from Divorce, to Remarriage and Motherhood.

Peay graduated from North Carolina State University with a Business Administration degree and an MA in Education at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

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