Amazon/Walmart Automation – Choosing The Right Service Provider

Amazon and Walmart Automation: Ascend Ecom goes over what questions to ask, what to look for and how to choose a qualified automation partner in a crowded space.

Given the amount of noise in the e-commerce automation space, there are a few distinguishing factors to consider when partnering up with a team to build and operate your Amazon or Walmart business. The founders of Ascend Ecom, a leading provider in the space, discuss some key differentiating factors to look for, starting with ensuring the provider actually has their own warehouse and isn’t using a 3rd parter logistics center.

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Ascend Ecom has an exclusive warehouse used for package preparation and fulfillment. Each client of Ascend Ecom benefits from having their own allotted unit space in the warehouse. This benefit helps reduce lead times on product fulfillment and also reduces package prep costs, ultimately leading to higher margins for their clients businesses.

Another consideration highlighted is whether the automation partner outsources any of their company’s operations. Ascend Ecom prides itself on operating a vertically integrated company, with 0 outsourcing and every employee exclusively on their payroll. This leads to a clean operation, that again helps reduce costs and streamlines the logistics and communication channels

When selling through Amazon or Walmart it is important to know the business model of any potential partners. Dropshipping may sound like an attractive proposition and great in theory, but it is not technically allowed on the site, which can cause account holders issues, potentially leading to a termination of your account. Ascend Ecom focuses on a sustainable, fully compliant model, including Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) as well as Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS)

The last consideration is communication, which many e-commerce business owners initially overlook. Email and WhatsApp are both inefficient methods that can cause issues for the seller and delayed responses. Ascend Ecom overcomes this by using a mobile and collaborative web app called Ryver. It enables users to seamlessly manage conversations, assign tasks, and request conference calls.

Selling online can seem daunting to individuals with little to no experience. Anyone who has previously tried and failed may also be intimidated. But Ascend Ecom states the advantage of the e-commerce businesses available through Amazon and Walmart is that they are hassle-free. Their team is well placed to offer business support services to individuals at all stages of their online venture.

A company spokesperson said: “This industry is crowded with low-quality providers who don’t have a sustainable business model. We hope this information helps the interested investor in their search for a qualified provider”

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