Amazon releases new report of Pros/Cons on 2015 selection of 50 Christmas Toys

Internet Marketing for Christmas Toys 2015 company, Simple Online Shopping, announced its Top 50 List of Christmas Toys for 2015 based on extensive reviews and research.

Amazon’s own team of experts states “This list provides a very professional high placement and selection of reviews on the Top 50 Christmas Toys for 2015.” Amazon is the leading expert that evaluated multiple criteria in order to narrow the field to the best 50 for online shopping by Young Adults, Parents, Grand Parents, Children and Grand Children. The fully consolidated list of items meeting the selection criteria can be found at

When discussing the reasons for creating this list, Bob Brown, Owner of Simple Online Shopping said, “This awesome review includes 50 of the hottest toys for Christmas 2015″ that I have been able to assimilate from”

Among the highest ranked are:

#1 Zoomer Interactive Puppy – Things Liked About The Zoomer Interactive Puppy – Zoomer is built to act just like a real pupp. This robotic dog is an upgrade of the last year’s version, which means it can do more tricks and perform much better than previous issues – just like a real pup, it barks, scoots, rolls over, and plays around. Children can teach it new tricks, and it’ll learn them quickly. Best of all, children can talk with it, and even teach it to speak! Kids will also find a learning companion in Zoomer, since it understands three languages: English, French and Spanish. Learning foreign languages at such a young age will definitely be double the fun when done with Zoomer. Once it starts zooming around the house, it is easy to forget that it is a toy and not an actual playful puppy. But when it needs to be stopped, just simply switch it off. That is something difficult to do with an actual, playful, puppy. This is definitely a good way to train children to have a pet dog before a real one is purchased. It teaches them responsibility to care for it, so they will do a good job once a real puppy to play with comes along.…. Companion toys include VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch, OWI Robotic Arm Edge, Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster, Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster, WowWee MiP Robot, Vtech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate RC Speedway, Miposaur and Hot Wheels Street Hawk Remote Control Flying Car.

#2 Syma X11 RC Quadcopter – Things Liked About The Syma X11 RC Quadcopter – The 4-channel Syma X11 RC Quadcopter may be used indoors and outdoors – it doesn’t matter, it’ll perform very well in either environment. This is a mark of the high quality of workmanship incorporated into the design and manufacture of this unit. Since it is a quadcopter, users will naturally be looking for a smooth flight. That is exactly what they will get with the X11 Hornet, since it is built with a 6-axis Stabilization System. No wobbly performance to be seen with this drone. Users will need to give props to the manufacturer for the high quality and level of responsiveness of the 2.4HGz Spread Spectrum Technology Controller. Truly, the user will feel in control when using the remote control. Beginners will definitely appreciate how this product simplifies the concept of quadcopters. The size is also small, so it’s technically a mini-quad. That does not mean, however, that performance is also on a mini scale, since it flies high, even above and beyond expectations. Companion toys include Star Wars Bladebuilders, LEGO Scooby Doo, LEGO Jurassic World, Crayola’s Color Alive Easy Animation Studio, Anki Overdrive and Catan Board Games.

#3 Furbacca – Things Liked About The Furbacca Hey, it’s Chewbacca-inspired. Apparently, most of people do not think so. But be glad that Hasbro has given many of those reasons, even if they didn’t need them. First of all, Furbacca is simply too adorable. Recreated into these tiny little furry creatures, the traditional look of Chewbacca is retained – its a Furby, yes, but it’s a Furby that looks like Chewbacca. And there is the fact that this Furby has a sense of rhythm. It’s humming the recognizable Star Wars theme. As an interactive toy, it displays a high level of response and reaction. This is thanks to the sensors built into it. With the app, the user will be able to turn Furbacca into a personal pet and playmate. Feed it, bathe it, play games with it, and have a lot of fun with it. Companion toys include Star Trek Tribble Coin Purse, Star Trek Laptop Bag, LEGO Spaceport, Ozobot, Ant Man Ant Farm, Air Pogo Extreme, IO Hawk and Dino Pet.

When discussing the reasons for creating this list, Bob Brown, Owner of Simple Online Shopping said “This awesome review includes 50 of the hottest toys for Christmas 2015.”

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