Amazon Product Launch Strategy Decided Following Zonblast vs Viral Launch Debate

A collective of sellers and entrepreneurs on the Amazon marketplace have confirmed Viral Launch will now be the platform of choice, over Zonblast, when it comes to the ongoing private label Amazon product launch strategy.

A private mastermind of eCommerce brands and ‘private label’ web entrepreneurs appear to have settled the Zonblast vs Viral Launch debate. Since the launch of Viral Launch’s “Market Intelligence” software and sourcing initiative – the mastermind has concluded Viral Launch is now a critical component for terms of launching and re-launching physical products on the Amazon marketplace. Especially when utilizing their coupon system; The Viral Launch platform will now form a part of their ongoing product launch strategy, replacing Zonblast.

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Web entrepreneurs and eCommerce brands have put a great deal of focus on Amazon in recent years, due to the wealth of traffic and exceptionally high conversion rates the marketplace offers. In large part, this is due to Amazon itself ranking among the most popular and trusted brands in the world.

Factoring in the ‘Fulfilled By Amazon’ (FBA) service for sellers, which allows access to Amazon’s world-leading logistics and distribution network, selling on Amazon gives entrepreneurs and brands a significant advantage over independent online stores.

As such, competition has increased significantly in the past year or so and as such, every advantage is critical in order to gain more exposure in Amazon’s organic search results.

This factor has cemented Viral Launch as an integral component of many Amazon product launch strategies, since the platform provides sellers access to a large number of consumers who will try new and existing products. The increase in popularity usually results in more exposure for the product organically, which is where the seller sees their ROI.

Viral Launch is not the only platform to offer such a service, however, with Zonblast being the hottest competing service. Both platforms were founded in 2014 and are often compared with one another. The services have been going head-to-head since their creation.

However, finally after several campaigns and launches by a collective of sellers on the Amazon marketplace; it appears Viral Launch has taken over. After introducing a $50 off coupon system and their Market Intelligence software (as well as other services, such as product photography, logo design and free launch consultation) – the conclusion coming from the collective is that VL is simply now the more comprehensive service at a better price; delivering great ROI to its users.

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