Amazon Product Launch Service Viral Launch Pricing Reduced With 2017 Initiative

Amazon product launch service 'Viral Launch' has implemented a new wave of marketing and launch services, as well implementing a $50 Off Discount Coupon Code Initiative that can be applied to those services, after raising its price in late-2016.

Since 2014, the Amazon product launch service ‘Viral Launch’ has been gaining steam, rapidly establishing itself as the go-to solution for successful and ‘speed-to-market’ focused sellers on the Amazon marketplace. Viral Launch’s pricing rose in late-2016, but after having implemented its $50 Off Coupon Code initiative covering all its services; a new wave of Amazon Sellers have been attracted to the service.

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2017 has seen several new initiatives and services coming forth from the Viral Launch platform, which has invested heavily in securing its position as the #1 product launch platform for Amazon sellers.

The most recent advancement has been Viral Launch’s “Market Intelligence Software” which allows users to view several critical data points on a variety of products and niches. The software provides market and product analysis, assessing demand, competition and several other critical factors – giving users a much faster way of assessing product viability with a greater degree of certainty.

Previously, with Viral Launch’s pricing having risen in recent months, it appeared the launch service may have become cost-prohibitive to some sellers. The coupon code system has then, in turn, encouraged many sellers to give the platform a try and even gone as far to convert long-term subscribers.

In fact, demand for the Viral Launch service has actually increased further following the price rise, with the introduction of its other services, including the Market Intelligence Software, product photography, logo design, listing optimization and various partnering programs.

As such, the $50 Off coupon system offers customers the ability to use the platform with significantly discounted access, increasing their ROI even further. This initiative covers the entire range of Viral Launch services and provides a $50 discount on each.

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