Amazon Product Launch Formula Cemented As Viral Launch Reddit Thread Continues

Viral Launch continues to play a vital role in new and existing 'product launch and re-launch formulas' for hundreds of Amazon sellers, even in the face of differing opinions posted on various Reddit threads. The rollout of its $50 Off Discount Coupon System continues.

The Amazon product launch platform ‘Viral Launch’ continues to play a vital role in the new and existing ‘product launch and re-launch formulas’ of hundreds of sellers, even in the face of differing opinions posted on various Reddit threads about the service. It also continues to roll out its $50 coupon discount system to attract new users to the service.

Video On Viral Launch’s Live $50 Coupon Code And Platform Can Be Viewed At:

In recent months, as Viral Launch has gained popularity due in large part to its effectiveness, which had the service shared among mastermind groups and eventually more public forums – there has been some debate among Amazon sellers and eCommerce entrepreneurs about the effectiveness of such a service.

In essence, Viral Launch showcases a seller’s product to a large audience of people who actively purchase items on the Amazon marketplace. If a discount code is provided, this exposure often provides an enormous amount of exposure to the product. This in turn often results in increased sales on Amazon and consequently an increase in that product’s position within the organic Amazon Search Results.

This part of the ‘Amazon Product Launch Formula’ many successful sellers are now using, basically presumes the initial giveaway will results in more full priced sales from the increased rankings going forward… which results in a net positive ROI on the discounted giveaway.

The debate, which can be seen in various Reddit threads, comes from Amazon updating their Terms of Service several times in the past year or so. Changes to how reviews can be acquired, the URLs that are ‘acceptable’ as well as various promotional strategies appear to be the focus of these updates.

The debate appears to be split between one group of people who theorize Amazon’s ToS update renders a launch service like Viral Launch ineffective… and another stating when they used the service in practice, they got very satisfactory results.

This is very common for online discussions where the difference in opinion is split between those who are guessing – and those who are actually practicing.

As such, Viral Launch continues to be a key part of the Amazon Launch and Re-Launch efforts for many successful sellers and continues to grow as it provides $50 off the initial order for new users via their coupon system.

Once Again – Video Info On Viral Launch’s Live $50 Coupon Code System Is Here:

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