Amazon PPC Advertising Software – Keyword Bidding/Repricing Automation Launch

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Sellozo, an e-commerce technology company based in Vancouver, Washington, launches its updated marketing automation and optimization tool for Amazon PPC advertising.

By using this upgraded service, sellers can optimize bids, automate campaigns, and monitor ad performance. As a result, they can get more sales for a lower advertising budget, thus maximizing their profits on Amazon.

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This revamped platform is ideal not just for merchants but for brands and agencies as well. It includes advanced features such as dayparting, automated repricing, and Amazon PPC analysis.

Due to the current pandemic, e-commerce has become the de facto way to procure goods for many Americans. Among all online shopping platforms, Amazon is by far the leader, registering $1 billion in daily sales as of February 2021.

Selling on such a popular platform means facing stiff competition, hence the need for paid advertising. Sellozo provides a turn-key solution that allows sellers to automate 95% of the ad creation process so they can focus more on growing their business.

Among the things Sellozo can automate is keyword discovery and bidding, both of which can be time-consuming. It can also reprice products the moment a competitor launches a promo, thus boosting a product’s competitiveness. Users can likewise “daypart” their campaigns so they only run during peak shopping hours.

To help merchants better understand the features of Sellozo, they can request a no-pressure and no-obligation demonstration. They simply need to visit the website, click on “Request A Demo,” and indicate their preferred schedule.

About Sellozo

Sellozo harnesses the power of automation and analytics to help clients boost sales and fast-track growth. This service is used by thousands of Amazon merchants who want a smarter way of deploying their marketing budgets. It was founded by Nic Delorme, who has over 10 years of experience with building advertising technology platforms.

Delorme says: “Our team has been around the block. Our executive officers alone have over 50 years of combined selling experience on There is no other PPC tool that can navigate Amazon’s extensive marketplace like Sellozo.”

Interested parties may visit if they need further details about the automation tool and its features.

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