Amazon PPC Advertising Campaign Strategy Optimization Platform Resources Updated

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Sellozo, a technology firm specializing in advertising, has updated its offerings for Amazon sellers, offering them a slew of resources to help them maximize their advertising campaigns.

Kansas City-based advertising technology provider Sellozo has updated its offerings with a series of reports and informational materials designed for Amazon sellers.

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The newly released resources tackle best practices in advertising and marketing on Amazon, so that sellers can improve their campaigns and sales. Apart from general strategies, the materials also show how to better use Sellozo’s software to maximize one’s return on ad spend (ROAS).

One of the highlights of the update is an interview conducted by renowned Fulfillment by Amazon expert Dan Rodgers. The one-hour session teaches viewers methods to optimize their PPC campaigns on Amazon’s platform.

The interview touches upon Sellozo’s capabilities, what advertising cost of sale or ACoS is and why sellers should take this metric seriously, the type of keywords to use, the ideal campaigns to run, and more.

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The company has also published articles about more basic topics like the concept behind a PPC optimization software and how it can give sellers a bigger ROI in the long run. Dedicated articles about automation and how Amazon advertising works are also available.

According to a company spokesperson, these materials add further value to an already impactful technology solution. Sellozo has found that several users have managed to increase their ROAS by 70%, and it believes that these resources will enable new users to replicate or even surpass these results.

Sellozo offers a feature-packed AI-driven software that is capable of automatically enhancing a seller’s PPC campaign. Its AI can find the ideal keywords, launch and pause campaigns, and align every aspect of one’s campaign to achieve a given margin.

While the pandemic has increased the earnings of many sellers on Amazon, the intensified competition on the platform has also brought worries. Bloomberg has reported recently that Amazon’s advertising rates have risen by as much as 50% in May 2021, raising the barrier to entry for smaller players.

“Amid these changes, our users can continue to rely on Sellozo’s technology and insights to help them make each dollar spent on advertising work harder,” a company spokesperson said.

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