Amazon Kindle Content Self-Publication Income Generation Guide Launched

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Marketer and entrepreneur Ty Cohen has launched a training program and user-friendly guide to creating a passive income using Amazon without requiring physical stock or financial outlay.

Ty Cohen has invited individuals to register their participation in the training program and get a copy of the new guide in which they can learn about self-publishing content on Kindle. Cohen has authored and published over a dozen bestselling books and software programs and now offers training on how to get started in the online publishing business.

More information and registration details for the guide can be found at:

In the newly launched guide, Cohen will share valuable information about building a reliable passive income stream by self-publishing multiple books on Amazon’s Kindle platform, with minimal upfront investment.

The guide details the process of working from home with Amazon and reveals that self-publishing remains a vast, unexplored market, available to anyone, regardless of background, prior experience, or global location. With over 213 million monthly buyers, Kindle publishing represents a significant business opportunity.

Amazon is a versatile platform for passive income generation as it allows the sale of digital products. The steady stream of potential buyers from around the world, on-demand order handling, quick and easy returns, and a global supply chain operation makes it a natural choice for digital entrepreneurs.

Ty Cohen has published multiple books on Amazon’s Kindle platform and will share his experience of how these books are straightforward to write and publish. These short e-books are between 25 to 35 pages and can typically be created in less than a week. Once published, they can be downloaded by customers any number of times, generating an ongoing income stream for the author.

Ty Cohen is an experienced and successful internet marketer and former morning talk radio show host. He now has over 20 years of experience in helping and teaching individuals how to set up their own businesses as Amazon sellers and Kindle publishers.

A staff member has said: “Get the blueprint people are using to create a passive income stream using Amazon with near-zero up-front investment.”

Full details about the new guide can be found here:

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