Amazon FBA & Walmart Automation Refined, Restructured & Optimized at Ascend Ecom

As companies like Amazon and Walmart continue to revolutionize the digital marketplace and present online merchants with new opportunities, a Santa Monica, CA-based e-commerce provider has transformed the automation space for FBA and WFS businesses.

Ascend Ecom’s unique infrastructure and model gives both established investors and aspiring entrepreneurs a way to build a sustainable venture in e-commerce. The company is committed to the disruption of the e-commerce automation industry, prizing integrity, transparency, and long-term returns in a sector infamous for unreliable providers and short-term results at most.

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Ascend Ecom has built an offering for those seeking a robust infrastructure with logistical expertise for Amazon and Walmart-hosted ventures. Ascend Ecom’s background in wholesale distribution gives clients access to fulfillment expertise and the use of the company’s dedicated warehouse facility in Dallas, TX.

According to a study by Statista, over 50% of Amazon’s revenue in 2021 is from third party sellers. FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) and WFS (Walmart Fulfillment Services) have both reinvented the concept of independent online retail. With consumers increasingly expecting the fast delivery of purchases, finding a swift and reliable solution to inventory storage and fulfillment is a crucial aspect of running any kind of product-led venture in the modern era.

Ascend Ecom customers can expect to see their business with them up and running within a month. By month 3-4, the team begins to build wholesale, brand, and distributor relationships on behalf of clients. These contracts are then leveraged in tandem with a product sourcing strategy to enable cross-selling on both Walmart and Amazon platforms, maximizing revenue in the process.

The company prides itself on a fully transparent operational model, providing clients with a service built on integrity, reliability, and strong ethical values in an industry where such qualities are rare. Clients benefit from data-driven product research, sourcing analytics, state tax exemption services, and audit management solutions.

About Ascend Ecom

Founded in 2020 by Will Basta and Jeremy Leung, the company has built a strong reputation for its best-in-class FBA and WFS services. The Ascend Ecom team brings a decade’s worth of combined experience in the e-commerce space, helping to generate over $30 million for clients in 2021.

A spokesperson says, “Ascend Ecom will handle everything from A to Z in building, operating, and scaling your business for long-term returns.”

With its latest service updates, Ascend Ecom continues to lead the way in sustainable growth and revenue opportunities for online business investors.

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