Amazon FBA Seller Wholesale Business Knowledge Base Website Launched

Amazon FBA seller training company FBA.CAFE has launched a new training resource and knowledge base for FBA sellers. The knowledge base is free to all online FBA.CAFE members.

Amazon FBA seller training company FBA.CAFE announced the launch of a new business knowledge base website. The repository gives users free access to knowledge about the Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) business model when they sign up for a free membership.

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Amazon’s FBA model allows independent sellers and brands to maintain an inventory of their products at the global retailer’s fulfillment centers. Amazon FBA sellers have access to storage, shipping, and customer service support.

FBA.CAFE provides sellers with training, set up resources, supplier packs, and virtual assistant services for FBA wholesalers and private label sellers. The company’s new knowledge base features comprehensive guides to setting up and operating a successful FBA wholesale business.

The FBA knowledge repository features case studies, documented seller experiences, best practice, and tips to maximize seller reach and growth. FBA.CAFE offers free access to training material, video content, podcasts, and blogs that train sellers to find US-based suppliers, make cost-effective wholesale purchases, and overcoming issues faced by non-US sellers.

The key topics covered by FBA.CAFE training includes setting up a US company for business, working with virtual assistants, financial and legal considerations, and other information relevant to FBA wholesale and private label selling.

FBA.CAFE helps new sellers gain access to manufacturers and distributors through HubSpot and works with supervised virtual assistants.

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According to a spokesperson for the Amazon FBA seller support company, “Our goal is to help anyone become a successful FBA seller. We are excited to launch this new free knowledge repository that is easy to use and includes documentation of in-house seller experiences.”

FBA.CAFE is a full-service Amazon FBA support company that partners with private label sellers and wholesalers in the US, UK, Hungary, Austria, and the Philippines. The company is headquartered in Delaware and has a European office in Denmark and provides FBA website development, hosting and small web services for FBA sellers.

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