Amazon FBA Seller Visual E-Commerce Business Growth Virtual Event Talk Announced

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A new Amazon FBA business growth talk has been announced at the SellerFest Online Conference. Dano Falk will be discussing visual e-commerce funnel strategy design.

Dano Falk, the founder of DefDevice, has announced that he will be speaking at the SellerFest Online Conference. This is a 9-day virtual summit featuring talks from over 45 Amazon industry experts on a broad range of subjects.

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Dano Falk explains that he will be hosting a talk on visual e-commerce funnel strategy design. His session will be held under Module 7: Business Growth.

Dano is excited to be one of the group of industry experts speaking at the online event. It’s a chance for Amazon sellers to learn key skills and strategies that can improve their consumer engagement and help them to drive more sales.

DefDevice is a leading digital marketing agency that helps clients all over the world with bespoke solutions for Amazon sellers. Having built and sold an Amazon private label business, the team understands the needs of sellers.

Their services are centered on helping clients to achieve optimal future growth. Because they understand both the agency perspective and the business owner perspective, they are well positioned to help clients achieve their goals.

One of their core services is e-commerce strategy to help Amazon FBA sellers grow their business. This will be at the core of the newly announced virtual talk from Dano Falk. Attendees will get clarification and guidance on optimizing their funnel strategy to drive more sales.

Dano will discuss how over time, 25% of FBA businesses will close, while 50% will remain on their business course, and a further 25% will pivot and grow. Implementing an effective strategy and constantly working on improvements can make a profound difference in the long term.

Visual models are important for communicating larger amounts of information in a shorter period of time. Using visual plans can help clients to understand the big picture, identify missing parts, and implement improvements.

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Amazon has one of the most advanced fulfillment networks in the world, and the online summit is a chance for sellers to learn key lessons for business growth. SellerFest aims to provide actionable advice that attendees can apply immediately to stay ahead of the competition.

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