Amazon Customers: Nootie Shampoo for Dogs with Dry Skin Revealed As Favorite

​Amazon pet owners have revealed a product that they love for their itchy dogs. It’s the all natural dog shampoo from Nootie.

Amazon pet owners have revealed a product that they love for their itchy dogs. It’s the all natural dog shampoo from Nootie, available at The Nootie formula not only contains Lidocaine and Pramoxine, but colloidal oatmeal has been added because it is thought to be very beneficial when it comes to soothing skin.

Numerous customers have reported that their dogs are no longer scratching or are scratching less. “I love the Nootie dog products for my white Bichon Sugar. This medicated shampoo relieves my pet of all the itchiness found with other dog shampoo’s I have tried. I highly recommend this product to all dog breeds with sensitive skin. Nootie has done wonders for Sugar’s skin & coat. I purchased this shampoo with 2 additional Nootie products. The glucosamine treats & the probiotics. I found them on the frequently most purchased together. All products work exceptional.”

“We are very happy with how well dog owners have been responding to this medicated oatmeal shampoo for dogs,” a Nootie employee states. “It means a lot that we can give their pets a higher quality of life. After all, pets are a part of the family!”

When creating this Nootie’s best dog shampoo , the company insisted on developing a product that would be affordable. Pet care can be extremely expensive, and the brand did not want that to get in the way of treating a dog’s medical issues.

One buyer says that, “I have 2 labs that have severe allergies, some of the worst that I have ever seen. We were spending $70 a month on Apoquel…However, our pocketbook just couldn’t afford it any longer after months of paying for this. WE love our babies and they are family but we simply can’t afford this medicine any longer. We were frantically searching for alternatives. We have tried so many dog shampoos and nothing EVER worked for our babies, it was all talk and cheap imitations. Until now! Not only does this soothe their itching but it smells great!”

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