Amazon approves Action Energy Shots

Action Energy is reviewed by Amazon and is approved for sale immediately.

Action Energy shots announced today that AE has been approved by the titanic website, Amazon

Amazon has long been recognized to offer quality products at affordable pricing. Amazon has reviewed the Action Energy product line and has approved them for sale on the Amazon site effective immediately.

“Action Energy has long been known for being the only energy shot company in the industry to produce safe, nutritional products and this new approval by Amazon further solidifies our place as a responsible product line,” comments Action Energy Public Relations manager, John Jacobs.

Amazon has approved all of the AE products but AE has decided to list 2 products at this time, Focus energy shot and Sport and Fitness energy bottle until further notice. Action Energy was reviewed by Amazon and the subsequent approval was just a matter of days. “AE will use the Amazon platform to help consumers purchase the AE products if they reside in other countries or in U.S. states that AE is not currently in stores” says John Jacobs

“The listings on Amazon help the AE distributor base increase sales from outside the licensed territory. This is very exciting to AE because AE can now help people worldwide to maintain a energetic and healthy lifestyle” adds Mr Jacobs.

Action energy has been reviewed from many other publications and known to be a great source of nutritional and safe content. Action Energy shots has dedicated substantial time and effort in educating the public as to the proper use of the AE product line. “AE anticipates implementing product listings on many other quality sites similar to the Amazon status” comments John Jacobs.

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