Amazing Selling Machine 12 Bonus Package announced by

Amazing Selling Machine 12 bonus package has been announced by the E-commerce Growth Hacker's team. This limited-availability bonus package includes valuable business services for Amazon sellers.

The’s team, led by e-commerce expert Leonardo Schwartz, announced today the limited availability of what Leonardo describes as “a results-focused bonus package for the best Amazon FBA business training that money can buy”.

“Amazing Selling Machine, also known by its initials ASM, is a training program originally created by e-commerce entrepreneurs Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark back in 2013 —explains Leonardo— “but it has evolved greatly through the years, and now it’s run by a handful of highly successful Amazon sellers”.

Asked about success rate of people going through this e-commerce training, Leonardo replies that “The number of people that have seen life-changing results is counted in the hundreds… but what really gets me is how many of them had absolutely no business or marketing experience before joining ASM”.

Schwartz also address the elephant in the room by clarifying that will perceive a compensation in the form of a “partner commission” for every person that joins Amazing Selling Machine 12 through them.

But he adds that “This commission comes at no cost for the final customer, and allows us to provide a series of services that can greatly improve how fast they can see success with their Amazon FBA businesses”.

Offering third-party partners the chance to promote their products and services through what’s called in the industry a “partner program” -or “affiliate program”- is common practice for most internet based companies.

But many times this leads to hundreds of affiliate posting bogus “reviews” of products they don’t have any personal experience with, or putting together bonus packages that are completely unrelated to the product itself.

Asked about these issues and why he thinks this particular bonus package is different compared to others available for this product, Leonardo says that he’s aware of the sad state of affairs when it comes to affiliate marketing, but that “This bonus package is different in two ways: First, I’ve used the product myself, of course.”

“I originally joined ASM back in 2013, so I have a long experience with the product itself, the people behind it, and the results that students have been getting over all these years.”

“Secondly, but maybe more important: I put a lot of thought into building this bonus package, to make sure I only included professional services that will actually make a difference in the different stages of the process that go from sourcing a product from Chinese supplier, to getting that product imported and ready to make sales on’s marketplace”.

“There is nothing in there that’s not directly related to building an Amazon FBA business with a solid business foundation”, adds Schwartz.

“Amazing Selling Machine 12 is the most complete e-commerce training of its kind” —finalizes Leonardo— but as we understand that the price of admission is not cheap, we wanted to do everything in our hands to get our customers to their first successful product launch as soon as humanly possible. That’s the reason why we put together this bonus package”.

For more information, including a full description of all the business services included in this ASM 12 bonus package, visit:

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