Amazing New Treatment; Sciatica Pain & Hamstring Injury Massage Therapy Slough

Physio Dynamix announces the launch of their new brand new massage therapy techniques for Sciatica and Hamstring Injuries - the incredibly fast and reliable service is available now.

Anyone suffering from problems with their sciatica or hamstring tears, strains or injuries can now visit Physio Dynamix Slough for cutting-edge massage therapy . The details of the practice including full service availability and pricing can be found here:

Physio Dynamix newly developed and heavily researched massage therapy is designed to address the most common issues faced by everyday people as well as full on athletes suffering from problems with their sciatica or hamstring. The service includes:

The use of ultrasound technology – Increased range of movement of joints and reduction of pain & inflammation for acute & chronic conditions

State of the art ‘Electro-acupuncture’ – leading treatment of neurological diseases, chronic pain, spasms, and paralysis

Ground-breaking Ultrasound Machines – Increases collagen production in tendons & ligaments, speeds soft tissue injury healing and increases local blood flow

Kam Bassi, Practice Owner of Physio Dynamix, had this to say about their services:

“After years of treating sciatica patients and those with hamstring strains and tears we’ve come to realise injuries are very specific to the individual – therefore healing and therapy must also be. Here at Physio Dynamix, we have created what we believe to be one of the best ways to treat those with ongoing and often debilitating problems with sciatica and the hamstring.

The approach is unique in the market place and as a result there has been increased exposure, it would be great to get the word out to more and more people in the local area that can benefit from this. These health problems can seriously hamper day to day functions, Physio Dynamix is here to provide sustainable solutions.”

As millions of Brits know firsthand, back pain is one of the most common complaints that leads people to seek medical attention — though the exact source of garden variety cases of back pain usually remains undetermined, often trained physios can pinpoint exactly what is wrong. “Sciatica can go undetected for a long time as it can easily be misdiagnosed as issues with other parts of the lower back or even hamstring” says Bassi. “An expert eye and fast, effective treatment is paramount in preventing long term issues”.

People suffering from sciatica or any manner of hamstring problems should get in touch with the super friendly Physio Dynamix team immediately to book an appointment, here:

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