Amazing Forskolin Announces December Holiday Promotion

Amazing Health Solutions offers Amazing Forskolin weight loss supplement at a discounted rate through the month of December. The supplement is effective to help with loss of belly fat, improved health and lean muscle building.

Catonsville MD, 02-DECEMBER-2014 – Amazing Health Solutions is pleased to announce a special promotion on AmazingForskolin, during the month of December, just in time for the coming holidayseason. Customers who buy two bottles get a 5 percent discount. Buy three andreceive a 10 percent discount. Purchase four bottles and pay 15 percent less.The purchase of five bottles gets a 20 percent discount and customers whopurchase six or more bottles get 25 percent off the regular price. Thediscounted prices make Amazing Forskolin an ideal gift for health consciousadults.

Amazing Forskolin is formulated frompremium Coleus Forskohlii root extract. It comes in a 250 mg capsule, twice thesize of competitors’ products. The dosage of one capsule daily is a proveneffective weight loss supplement and fat burner. It melts belly fat and has noside effects. Some of the other benefits which have been reported are asthmarelief and blood pressure control.

The recommended dosage of Amazing Forskolinis effective in eliminating the harmful fat that tends to settle around theabdomen. Subcutaneous fat is the obvious soft fat that can be felt by touchingthe abdominal area. Visceral fat is the dangerous type which can settle aroundorgans and interfere with optimal functioning. Forskolin burns the fat andincreases muscle mass.

Healthier heart muscles pump blood moreefficiently, preventing such problems as idiopathic congestive cardiomyopathy.When the thyroid gland is not producing enough thyroid hormone, the entire bodytends to slow down. The condition called hypothyroidism comes from slowedmetabolism, with fatigue, depression and weight gain as the results. Forskolinis believed to activate the enzyme cAMP which speeds up the release of thyroidhormones.

In addition to the timely discount, everycustomer received a detailed Forskolin eBook with information about exercise,diet and tips to help reach weight loss goals quickly.

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