Amateur Sports People Risk Financial Hardship if Income is Not Insured Against Injury

Sporting accidents often lead to time off work to allow recovery from injuries. Sports men and women are urged to take out accident and sickness sports insurance to cover income payments during these periods.

Too many amateur sports people leave themselves at risk of losing their income if they are unable to work due to an injury, according to a recent study by insurance brokers Income Assured.

The accident and sickness insurance specialist says that as little as 10% of amateur sports men and women insure themselves against accidents and injuries, leaving the majority financially exposed if they require time off work due to illness or injury.

Amateur sports people recognise there is a risk of injury when playing their chosen sport, but few are adequately covered for loss of earnings if it results in time off work.

An injury can be particularly devastating when that person is self-employed and has no other source of income.

Income Assured believes take up rates for accident and sickness income protection insurance amongst amateur sports people is so low because many assume it is too expensive, or that it will be unavailable to them due to their type of job.

Peter Preston from Income Assured explained: “Many amateur sports men and women believe that income protection insurance is something only professionals can afford, but this is not the case. There are some very good, affordable products out there that maintain a good level of income should an accident leave them unable to work.

"What’s more, these policies actually insure them against loss of earnings for any injury whether on or off the sports pitch, at home or at work, and also for any illness. It’s total protection for periods when they are unable to work – for whatever reason.”

Although primarily focused on people playing team sports such as rugby, football and hockey, sports insurance cover through Income Assured covers any activity, including extreme sports such as mountain biking, motocross and rock climbing.

Mr Preston added: “Sport should be about enjoyment. People shouldn’t have to worry about how they are going to pay their bills if they are injured. This type of insurance policy offers peace of mind for amateur sports people so they can get stuck in and play hard.”

For more information about sports insurance to cover income in cases of sports accidents, and injuries, please visit the Income Assured website.

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