AmaSuite 5 Chris Guthrie 2016 Amazon Niche & Keyword Finder Software Launched

AmaSuite 5, an Amazon product research software & training toolkit providing Amazon sellers with cutting edge research tools on which products to sell and which keywords to target to out-do their competitors and establish a successful, thriving Amazon based business, has been launched.

A unique Amazon product research software & training toolkit, entitled AmaSuite 5, developed to help Amazon sellers easily and quickly identify the best hidden product opportunities to establish a successful and thriving Amazon based business has been launched.

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The AmaSuite 5 was created by the Amazon specialist & best-selling author, Chris Guthrie, in partnership with the renowned software developer Dave Guindon, to provide fellow Amazon sellers and business with the tools & training needed to uncover the products they should be selling and promoting for a thriving Amazon business.

The unique toolkit provides five different pieces of cutting edge product & keyword research software for both PC and MAC, including the popular Ama Top Product Analyzer and Ama Search Analyzer which help users easily uncover the hidden niches and best-selling, top performing or most wished for products in any given category with detailed stats, complete product history data, and more.

It also includes the renowned Ama Keyword Generator for Amazon sellers to quickly find and target the keywords which potential buyers are searching for in any given product niche along with the Ama Review Analyzer for the best product ideas and the acclaimed Ali Inspector which facilities the same type of cutting edge research & analysis for the AliExpress platform.

A comprehensive Amazon Sellers Training Course to ensure Amazon sellers with any level of experience and tech expertise are able to take full advantage of all the AmaSuite software and identify or choose the right products to sell as well as find the ideal supplier and differentiate their product to out-do competitors is also included in the brand new AmaSuite 5 toolkit as a bonus offer.

Additional information on the brand new AmaSuite 5 and the cutting-edge product & keyword research features provided by its unique toolkit containing five different PC/Mac software pieces or the bonus Amazon seller training course and multiple Amazon seller testimonials can be consulted on the website link provided above or at

The AmaSuite 5 developers, Dave Guindon & Chris Guthrie, explain that “we worked together to create the ultimate toolkit for Amazon sellers. It’s the tool set we all wish we had when starting out to make the market research on which products to sell or promote surprisingly simple and guide us, step by step, to the successful Amazon based business we all dreamed of when we started out.”

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