“Always on My Mind” Becomes Sapra’s Latest Mesmerizing Hit

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SAPRA’s "Always on My Mind" is a heart-pumping, romantic Bollywood & English-infused dance track that tells a tale of love, loss, and personal triumph. The single released through Straight Out of India on November 21, 2020.

SAPRA’s latest single, “Always on My Mind”, is a captivating Bollywood and English-infused track that explores the depths, weight and experience of love. Straight Out of India released “Always on My Mind” on November 21, 2020.

The single is a pulsating, heartfelt, and romantic dance track. This blend of Bollywood romance mixed with a catchy English hook tells a tale of love, absence, overcoming the loss of love and, ultimately, revealing that self-love and love for another are essential for the health of any relationship. The idea of that unforgettable one, that inescapable dream that continually stays on a person’s mind. This song is an exploration of that persistent memory.

“Always on My Mind” is a sensational ballad explores the idea of a romance. The track dives into that deep, head over heels kind of love. But once that love is experienced; how does an individual deal with the absence of it? SAPRA’s latest track reveals the depth of love and emotions. It explores the idea of finding that unforgettable one who always stays on the mind, becoming that singular, ephemeral dream.

Yet, the ups and downs we weather throughout these relationships, or rather the absence of them, can be profoundly life-altering. Sometimes, people find themselves falling into addictions or obsessive behavior. When an individual is confronted with the potential loss or absence of this love, they can may become angry and disappointed. They can find themselves inclined to want to self-destruct with the recurring memory of that love.

In SAPRA’s own personal life, he experienced a wonderful romance with someone who eventually had to leave. Confronted with this, he spent days, weeks and months really grappling with the loss of this love. And, in time, he found peace recognizing that the love he experienced was eternal. Even if the relationship changes, the love that a person carries within their hearts remains. Through this realization, “Always on My Mind” came into existence.

With alluring beats, a mesmerizing violin and pulsating rhythm, set against a catchy hook, this song sets itself apart. The single, juxtaposed against beautifully conceived Hindi vocals and harmonies, becomes a seductive auditory dream. This song also reflects the incredible classical South Asian vocalization stylings of Parinita Sharma, whose elegant voice adds a transcendent quality to the track. This powerful collaboration, mixed with SAPRA’s rich vocals, creates the entrancing experience of “Always on My Mind.”

The music lyrics were written by Sharad Tripathi, Bul Bul Sapra and SAPRA. The single was produced by Sharad & Sapra, Trippy Palm Tree and Ara Murzo. Gurpreet Singh and Gagandeep Singh also served as guides throughout SAPRA’s musical journey. The single was released through Straight Out of India and SAPRA is currently managed by Salma Habib.

Check out SAPRA’s latest single “Always on My Mind” currently available on Spotify and Apple Music!

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/0I4MYK2Bgl0cCLLqnQdG2U?si=H__wXZtMSuWkTAo3KVYyvA

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/always-on-my-mind-single-feat-parinita-sharma-single/1540046594

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