Alterzon Ben Murray Store Builder Product Sourcing 2018 Sales Tool Launched

A new online store building tool has been launched by Ben Murray, called Alterzon. It offers a range of cutting edge tools to source products, get more traffic, and increase sales.

Ben Murray has launched a new online store building tool called Alterzon, which makes it easier for business owners to create and manage an effective web store. It is a development of the popular Multistore Builder, which combined a number of different tools into one piece of software.

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Customers purchasing Alterzon will get all the cutting edge all in one software available in the original Multistore Builder, along with a number of other benefits. This will allow them to source products, build their list, and get more traffic more easily.

Alterzon has a series of cutting edge features that are designed from the ground up to make it easier to provide customers with the best online store experience. There is a price composition engine, which allows visitors to check the prices of each product on other websites without ever leaving the online store.

This means that they are always able to get the best discount on the net. It also means the site owner can rest safe in the knowledge that their visitors don’t have to leave their website in order to find the best deal.

Other features include the price drop email notification technology available through using Alterzon. If a product is too expensive for the customer at that moment in time, they can subscribe to the site with one click, and will be notified when the price drops.

In addition to this, Alterzon comes with a high quality product sourcing feature that allows business owners to import products from six major networks with line click. This allows anyone to quickly and easily import the products they believe in and list them on their own store.

Along with the upgraded customization and control provided by the software, it gives the site owner everything they need to succeed in the competitive online space.

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