Alternatives To Obamacare – Avoid Tax Penalty Through Health Sharing Ministries

People are left uninsured after the open enrollment of Obamacare coming to an end. Luckily, there's a new and affordable alternative option for many to count on for coverage throughout 2017 and the years to come with Health Sharing Ministries

With the Obamacare Enrollment period expired, people are still looking for Obamacare alternatives that have reliable health coverage through the rest of the year. Fortunately, one of the more relative and popular alternatives has full-year enrollment and allows new memberships at any time. Health sharing ministries have bloomed over the past few years, doubling in membership size from 2015 to 2017. Thousands of families have received a more affordable alternative to health insurance by becoming a member.

There are a few things that make Health Sharing Ministries more appealing to the public. One, is there ability to enroll all-year round. Health Sharing Ministries also avoid the challenges of the Health Insurance Marketplace. Enrollment processes are made easy for families and individuals. Avoiding the Obamacare (ACA) tax penalty in certain circumstances is another benefit of Health Sharing Ministries.

In some cases, families end up spending a fraction of what they would spend on their Health Insurance. Consumers that receive the biggest savings from Health Sharing Memberships are of the following, Healthy Families Not Qualified For Medicaid, Kid Care, or the Obamacare Tax Credit. Also Middle-Aged People Who Don’t Qualify For A Tax Credit and Middle to Upper Class Families.

Michelle Stien of Miami Florida say’s ” I shopped everywhere for affordable Health Coverage. On the Obamacare exchange or the Marketplace I would have paid about $1699.00 a month for me, my husband, and 2 children for a decent plan with a good network local doctors and hospitals. Through my Health Share Membership I only pay $679.00 a month and we have great coverage including hospitalization and surgery. That adds up to about $12,000.00 a year in savings. If you add up the saving over 5 years I could buy new cars for everyone in the house!”

Most families that do not qualify for a tax credit (subsidy) through Obamacare may find a sweet spot between pricing and coverage with Health Sharing Memberships.

It is important to know that Health Sharing Programs are not insurance and do have membership guidelines that the member must abide by. For more information and the Pro’s and Con’s on Health Sharing Ministries please visit

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