Alternatives Insurance of Fenton Education: Missouri Auto Insurance Coverages

Alternatives Insurance of Fenton has extended their Missouri Auto Insurance Education Series for consumers with Missouri Auto Insurance Coverages. Understanding insurance coverage options is important. It is not recommended to purchase only the minimum State Insurance limits.

Alternatives Insurance of Fenton has extended their Missouri Auto Insurance Education Series for consumers. The educational series focuses on providing useful information that will help solve issues related to auto insurance coverages. Understanding the various auto insurance coverages in Missouri could be the difference between protecting one’s assets and suffering financial loss, the Missouri Auto Insurance Coverages Education component explains the various types of coverages available to consumers.

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Missouri Auto Insurance Coverages include property damage, bodily injury, medical, uninsured motorists, comprehensive, collision, roadside assistance, loss of use and more. One of the most important coverages is Liability Coverage. Liability is required by Missouri law and protects consumers who may be in an at fault accident that is covered in their policy. Furthermore, Missouri law prohibits an uninsured driver, who is the owner of the vehicle or a driver operating a vehicle without insurance, from collecting for non-economic damages in a civil action against an insured motorist alleged to be at fault for an accident.

Missouri Auto Insurance Coverages is insurance for damage to a vehicle(s) and bodily injury resulting from an auto accident. Insurance of this type can cover a variety of instances depending on the kind of auto insurance that has been purchased. Choosing the right Missouri Auto Insurance Coverages are best decided upon with the advice from a licensed insurance agent. An auto insurance policy should fit the needs of the consumer.

“Although purchasing only the minimum State required Bodily Injury Insurance limits can get you a cheaper auto insurance rate, if you cause a serious accident, you are likely to have inadequate coverage due to the price of cheap insurance. Many vehicles today have a much higher value than the Missouri minimum Property Damage Liability limits of $10,000. Multiple car accidents that result in severe injuries, could have damages of hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s why it is important to buy more than the Missouri minimum Bodily Injury Insurance limits”, advises Marc Majnerich, Owner of Alternatives Insurance of Fenton.

The the Missouri Auto Insurance Education Series provides the basics for consumers to get a head start before consulting with an agent. Missouri Auto Insurance Education – Series, part 3 – continues providing information about Missouri Auto Insurance coverages, the different types of protection for drivers, insurance laws, state regulations, breakdown of premiums, how to choose deductibles, and clarifications of the different insurance coverages, including bodily injury liability, property damage liability, uninsured/underinsured motorist, medical insurance coverages, and more.

Alternatives Insurance of Fenton continues to work with Missouri residents to identify the Missouri Auto Insurance coverages that are right for their situation, family or business and utilizes resources available from multiple companies to deliver those products. Agents are available to discuss Missouri auto insurance and provide the necessary resources. Alternatives Insurance of Fenton opened in 2002 as a full service Independent Insurance Agency and a corporate location member of Alternatives Insurance Group, a group membership organization of local St Louis area insurance agencies founded in 1992. Agents serve all of Saint Louis and Jefferson counties including Fenton, High Ridge, Arnold, Imperial, Valley Park, Ballwin, Eureka, Pacific, House Springs, Hillsboro, Sunset Hills and St. Clair.

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