Alternative Retirement Investments Gold Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Service Launched

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People who want to diversify their retirement or investment accounts can benefit from a newly launched service to help them find the best alternative investments such as gold, silver and Bitcoin.

People who want to diversify their retirement or investment accounts can benefit from a newly launched service designed to help them find the best deals for gold, silver, and other metals as well as cryptocurrencies to diversify their portfolios. Regal Assets prides itself on helping its customers stay up to date with the latest investment opportunities and deals to keep their retirement fund safe.

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The newly launched service aims to help cautious investors find good deals for metals and cryptocurrencies if they want to diversify their portfolios but are unsure where to begin. The company understands investors may be closely watching the stock market as volatility and uncertainty continues to affect it. Find out more at

Regal Assets explains that while the value of shares in metal commodities are vulnerable to the same problems as traditional stocks and shares, physical metal is not. This means gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are appealing options for investors that want to boost their returns now and in the future.

For instance, the team say the price of gold has doubled in a decade and this trend is likely to continue. The gold IRA or 401K kit provided by the company is recession-proof and inflation-proof and teaches people how to hedge against inflation, deflation, declines in the dollar, and policies that support and promote money printing.

Educating its customers so they can make informed investment deals is a service the team at Regal Assets provide as standard. They pride themselves on having a no obligation approach whereby their customer’s interests are put first instead of sales. Transparency is a key aspect of the service, which is why customers know the fees and commission schedule before they sign anything.

A spokesperson said: “Overspending in the US has increased its debt to over $20 trillion and since 2008 there has been a surplus of new money being printed to stimulate the economy. Society is starting to buy metals to hedge against the coming market collapse causing metal prices to soar over 250% since 2008.”

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