Altadore Calgary AB Out Of Province Vehicle Inspection – Service Update

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Calgary, Alberta-based Cetus Automotive Repair Centre (403-235-2912) has updated its out-of-province inspection services to include Altadore and surrounding neighboourhoods.

The government-compliant centre now provides Altadore car and truck owners with the mandatory safety inspections needed to attain an Alberta registration and license plate. Components checked include brakes, tires, drivetrain, electrical systems, suspension, steering, fuel, glass, and exhaust.

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Those who have bought a vehicle or have moved from another state are required to have their vehicle inspected by a licensed facility. In addition to providing this service, Cetus Auto can now carry out any repairs that are suggested when a vehicle has failed an inspection, saving owners time and money.

The Alberta Government website details the process that out-of-province vehicle owners must go through in order to obtain local license plates. In addition to having an inspection carried out by a licensed facility, it also stipulates that re-inspections for failed vehicles must be carried out within 10 days of the original inspection.

Having a modern facility and significant experience, Cetus Automotive Repair Centre now provides a convenient solution to those in Altadore and surrounding districts. Along with ensuring the safety of vehicles, proactive technicians will make suggestions about future maintenance issues and needs.

In some cases, the repairs required in order to pass an inspection are relatively minor. An added convenience now offered by the centre is that those repairs can often be carried out, with the owner’s approval, immediately after a failed inspection.

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About Cetus Automotive Repair Centre

Winner of the Consumer Choice Award in 2020 and 2016, Cetus Auto continues to provide Calgary vehicle owners with quality, reliable automotive repairs. The team of shop technicians has over 50 years’ experience working with vehicles of every make and model. In addition to inspections, the centre provides repairs for engines, drivetrains, auto electrical, clutches, radiators, steering, and more.

A company representative stated: “We believe in honesty and we pride ourselves in being completely open with our customers. Not only do we show you the parts that we are recommending, but we also take the time to sit down with you and explain any problems or concerns that we may have detected upon inspecting your vehicle.”

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