Alphabet Tracing and Writing Workbook Now Available from Kat’s Classes Workbooks

Kat's Classes Workbooks offer kids a great way to develop basic skills and learn while having fun. "My Big Alphabet and Writing Workbook" is the first of twenty current workbooks for kids, available on Amazon and some on Etsy.

Learning the alphabets, reading and writing is at the core of education for young children. Kat’s Classes – Workbooks for Kids offers a number of workbooks to help little ones learn the basics and develop important skills.

My Big Alphabet and Writing Workbook: Tracing, Coloring and Connecting the Dots is among the first of fifteen workbooks on Amazon. The 83 page book focuses on each letter with tracing, writing, dot-to-dot fun and coloring images to learn letters. Kids will have fun while they learn. A Certificate of Completion at the end will give each child a sense of accomplishment.

Tracing and connect-the-dot puzzles help children develop eye-hand coordination and pencil skills. Dot-to-Dot games also have the bonus of helping children identify numbers and work sequentially. Overall, workbook exercises help develop cognitive skills, and give kids confidence.

Other workbooks that focus on learning the alphabet include “My Very Fun Letter Tracing and Alphabet Games Workbooks” which also includes guessing games; the “Phonics Workbook”; and “Handwriting Workbook – I Can Write Sentences Now”. More information can be found on the website Kat’s Classes Workbooks for Kids, and a free alphabet tracing booklet is offered there as well.

Best selling author Kathy Heshelow is behind Kat’s Classes Workbooks. “I worked in education for 12 years. I value the foundational skills, and want to help not only kids, but their parents and teachers. More kids are learning at home this year, and parents would love to have as many ways to keep them engaged but help them develop learning skills at the same time.”

While Heshelow has written a number of books on wellness and essential oils, she is also developing books to keep the mind sharp while aging (Sudoku puzzles, coloring books, etc.) under the company Sublime Aging, and is continuing to add to the workbooks for kids. There are currently 20 workbook Kat’s Classes Workbooks. So far, the majority are for kids age 4 to 8, but a few are for older kids and Heshelow plans to add more for older kids. These include a Gratitude Journal and a Reading Logbook.

Some instant downloads are also available on Etsy, and more will be added each month for families that prefer this method.

Schools, preschools or day cares may contact Heshelow for information on bulk buying and discounts.

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