Alpha Osteopathy Announce Launch of New Website

Alpha Osteopathy has a new location in the Sydney CBD district, NSW, Australia and has launched a new website to keep clients informed about their services and to educate the public about Osteopathy.

Alpha Osteopathy now has a convenient new location in the CBD of Sydney, NSW,Australia and has launched a new website to inform clients about their servicesand to educate the public about Osteopathy. Alpha Osteopathy’s Principal Osteopath is Dr Melissa Jhey who is an experienced Osteopath with a special interest in pregnancy related pain, women’s health, children and babies.

Alpha Osteopathy has just launched a new website to inform clients about their newlocation, to provide a convenient online booking service and inform clients about Osteopathy. Alpha Osteopathy’s new location in the Sydney CBD is easily accessible from all locations in the CBD, has a relaxed and professional atmosphere and offers before/after hours appointments.

Alpha Osteopathy provides a professional service with an experienced Osteopath right in the heart of the Sydney CBD. Dr Melissa Jhey – registered Osteopath has had great success in helping women overcome pregnancy related pain and pain related to women’s health issues. She has also helped unsettled babies, babies with colic and reflux and children with glue ear and headaches. Melissa has also had excellent clinical results with treating low back pain, neck pain and sporting injuries across all ages.

Alpha Osteopathy has three areas of special interest:?– Pregnancy related pain – biomechanical pain, back pain and pelvic pain associated with pregnancy, pre and post natal care, preparation for conception – Children and babies – unsettled babies, babies with reflux and colic, babies with misshapen heads from forceps delivery and wry neck. Glue ear, headaches, sporting injuries and growing pains in children – Women’s health issues – menstrual pain, symptoms related to polycystic ovarian disease, digestive complaints, stress, emotional trauma, hormone imbalances and symptoms related to menopause

Dr Melissa Jhey – Registered Osteopath & Principal of Alpha Osteopathy said, “my experience and skills as an Osteopath make it possible for me to help women experiencing pregnancy related pain to become pain free without the use of drugs.

Osteopathy can help women to prepare for a more comfortable birth and labour and can also assist women to regain health and wellbeing in the post-partum period.” She went on to say “Alpha Osteopathy’s new website provides information about the different ways in which Osteopathy can help children and babies and provides a convenient online booking service that can be accessed around the clock. Our new location is a professional space where clients can feel they are receiving optimal care during their treatment sessions.”

Alpha Osteopathy invites you to visit their new website at

About Alpha Osteopathy:?

Alpha Osteopathy is a Sydney based Osteopathy Clinic. The Principal of the practice, Dr Melissa Jhey has a special interest in treating pregnancy related pain, women’s health issues, children and babies. She has had great success in helping people overcome headaches and migraines, back pain and sporting injuries.

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