Aloe Gift Set For Acne Thanksgiving Skincare Set Holiday Product Launched

Aloe Unique launched a new gift set to help individuals cope with acne breakouts associated with stress or overeating.

Aloe Unique, a Georgia-based supplier of skin care products, has announced the availability of its Sensitive and Acne-Prone gift set. The combined products come on the heels of the stress caused by the current elections and just in time for the upcoming Thanksgiving celebrations.

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The newly launched gift set comprises one gentle facial wash, a clarifying toner, a two-in-one moisturizer, one bitter aloe gel, and a regular aloe gel. Each of these products targets the facial area. As the name suggests, the set of products is aimed at assisting individuals whose faces are prone to acne breakouts.

According to research, excessive mental stress can lead to individuals with sensitive or oily skin having a sudden acne breakout. With all the tension emanating from the elections and related events, facial skin breakouts are imminent.

Further, studies show that crash dieting (better known as overeating) on excessive fatty or fried, or processed foods can also trigger acne and cause outbreaks of pimples. This trend is especially common during festive seasons, like the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations when indulging in sweets and fatty foods is common.

Aloe Unique worked to combine the ideal list of products in one gift set to combat acne outbreaks. Each of the company’s products is paraben-free and made from both the clear and bitter gels of the indigenous Aloe Ferox plant. Additionally, Vitamins A, B, C, and D make up part of the ingredients.

The gentle face wash helps to remove impurities and excess oil from one’s face with its clear light liquid foaming consistency and will leave the skin clarified and radiant. The clarifying facial toner on the other hand is an energizing spray used to clarify and tone while at the same time helping to relieve redness and blemishes for clearer skin.

Another product in the set, the light everyday facial lotion, helps to nourish and protect the skin with its ultra-light, non-greasy properties. While the bitter aloe gel’s Aloe Ferox derivatives help to clarify problematic and blemish-prone skin, the regular aloe gel is absorbed into the skin to help nourish and hydrate it, leaving one’s complexion silky-smooth and glowing.

The products that make up the Sensitive and Acne-Prone gift set are ideal for all skin types.

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