Aloe Based Natural Skincare – Fathers Day Gift Collection Online Store Expanded

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Online store Aloe Unique USA launched an updated collection of skincare products for the upcoming Father's Day. The goal is to offer affordable gift ideas to customers across the US.

Aloe Unique USA, an online distributor of all-natural South African aloe skincare products is recognizing its one-year anniversary with an expanded line of serums, scrubs, lotions, and creams specially priced for Father’s Day. Those looking for affordable, nicely packaged, natural skin care gifts can find a curated selection of suggestions on the company’s website.

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Aloe Unique USA is an official distributor of Aloe Unique skincare products. The company has expanded its line of South African plant-based emollients in celebration of their one-year anniversary as a successful product line. In recognition of Father’s Day, the company is offering discounts on all products including creams, serums, moisturizers, and other gift ideas.

Aloe Unique is a line of 100% natural South African Aloe-based products. All fabrications are made with paraben-free gels drawn from the Aloe Ferox plant, and contain Vitamins A, B, C and D.

Available online, the Aloe Unique product range is suitable for all skin types and any age or gender but is particularly fitting for those with dryer or more sensitive skin. Learn more about the collection at

The company uses South African Aloe Ferox to create high quality health and beauty products that maximized efficacy and are environmentally friendly.

Aloe Ferox is a large wild growing succulent that is indigenous to South Africa. Farmers harvest the plants using traditional methods, providing sustainable and reliable employment within the local community.

Harvested Aloe Ferox leaves are placed in sacks in a circle around hollowed out ground to allow gels and non-bitter liquids to drip from the leaves for collection from the hollow. This liquid is then boiled, cooled, and crushed to produce crystals that form the base of all skincare products.

Customers looking for effective, natural, nicely packaged Father’s Day gifts can browse the company’s list of best sellers or choose from ready-made sets. Orders over $50 are exempt from shipping costs, with packages bound for Alaska or Hawaii being the exceptions.

With the expansion of their specially curated line of all-natural Aloe Ferox-based skincare products, Aloe Unique USA aims to pass their one-year anniversary celebrations on to customers with gift ideas custom-priced to honor their own Father’s Day celebrations.

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