“Allies” has been generating a lot of buzz in the business world recently.

A community called "Allies" has caught the attention of many entrepreneurs and investors in the business world recently.

James Shriner – Business Correspondent, New York City, NY

Founding board member, Nick Apollo, created the organization and the growing community behind it to facilitate a sense of camaraderie among entrepreneurs during a time when the country is more politically and philosophically divided than it has ever been in the past century…

Nick is known as a contrarian investor and innovative entrepreneur, and it appears his latest project is focused on the benefits of collaboration and cooperation between businesses rather than viewing one another as competitors. In fact, it even caught the attention of Kevin Harrington, one of the sharks from Shark Tank who personally endorsed Nick:

“When he showed me some of the things he was working on, I saw the vision immediately. Nick has built a dream team of advisors, mentors, and industry specialists who are capable of either fixing, scaling, or selling virtually any established business for more money than it’s worth today.”

“If you happen to be in an industry or investment class that he’s currently focused on, I’d recommend paying attention, because there will most likely be a way for you to benefit from it as well. I’d highly recommend working with Nick in some capacity if you’re given the opportunity because while not everyone will qualify, you can still learn a lot about financial freedom by studying what he’s doing.”

We reached out to Nick to learn about Allies and transcribed part of the interview here:

“The reality is… most people, entrepreneurs included, operate from a scarcity mindset. They think that if one person has more, then that means that someone else has to have less. And that’s a complete fallacy because there is an abundant amount of opportunity available to us today. More so than ever before in history thanks to technology and the internet.”

“But the real beauty of entrepreneurship is not just the dream of setting our own hours or making more money than we could ever hope for in a traditional job. Sure, that’s usually why most of us got started in business. But what really happens is typically a much longer than anticipated journey of obstacles, frustrations, overwhelm, and stress. As the joke often goes… we work 80 hours per week for ourselves so that we don’t have to work 40 hours per week for someone else.”

“But the entrepreneurs who relentlessly push through those obstacles and eventually persevere… they inevitably experience a process of self discovery and personal evolution that transforms who they are as human beings. And that’s why I created Allies.”

“I truly believe that entrepreneurship is the greatest form of forced self-development on the planet. And because most entrepreneurs are natural born problem solvers… I know in my heart that if we can help them first reach true financial freedom through their current business, they’ll go on to do even more impactful things. Sure, many business owners will finally take a week or two off to celebrate. But… they’ll also probably get bored a lot sooner than they realized and start searching for new problems to solve.”

“And when providing money for themselves and their family is no longer the primary motivating factor to be in business, most entrepreneurs are freed up to focus on solving much bigger problems in the world and the communities they live in. Problems that, if solved, will create a legacy. That’s really the big picture for Allies. But the first step is helping as many fellow business owners as possible get to the next stage of growth. That’s what we’re doing now.”

We plan on staying in touch with Nick to provide more updates about the progression of Allies. In the meantime, the best way to learn more would be through his Linkedin profile here:


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