Allen Texas Restaurants Contactless Ordering and POS Payment Systems Launched

Grab Customers released a contactless payment platform that reduces transaction fees for restaurants in Allen, Texas by allowing clients to pay on their mobile device.

Grab Customers, a company that offers digital payment systems, has launched a contactless ordering service. Allen, Texas restaurants can benefit from this service by linking it to their POS systems to enable online orders and payments.

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The newly launched systems are intended to streamline the ordering and payment process by allowing clients to pay on their own mobile device.

Forbes and Modern Restaurant Management report that the contactless payment trend is on the rise. Many customers see it as a necessary safety precaution. Also, now that they have experienced the convenience of inputting their own order without having to wait for someone to help them, this trend is likely to continue in the long term. According to one study, lack of contactless payment options would prevent 43 percent of customers from visiting a business.

The contactless payment service offered by Grab Customers connects with a restaurant’s current POS infrastructure and decreases the transaction fees associated with credit cards. Grab Customers identifies each restaurateur’s needs and advises whether the newly launched service would work with their POS machines and how to best integrate it to ensure rapid payment.

The payment service can be used for pick-up and delivery orders as well as dining in. An increasing number of customers prefer to enter their own orders even when dining in since it minimizes communication errors regarding the order. It also means customers do not have to wait for the server to bring them the payment machine.

Customers have the option to pay by scanning a QR code, receiving an SMS message or an email, or using a link on the restaurant’s website. This helps decrease unnecessary face-to-face contact, ensuring compliance with social distancing guidelines. Payments are then received by the vendor in two business days or quicker.

Contactless payment also saves the servers’ time by letting customers process their own transactions. Servers can focus instead on advising customers, recommending items from the menu, and catering to special dietary needs or preferences.

While some restaurants are cautiously opening their dining spaces to guests, many still prefer to deal exclusively with pick-up or drive-through orders. In this case, efficient online payments are vital to a restaurant’s survival.

Please visit the link above to see a live demonstration of this service.

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