All Track Exterminators Providing Crucial Termite Pest Control Family Treatment

Stop the infestation and exterminate all these pests in your home. Pest Inspection will be conducted inside and outside your home and investigation where the termites and other kinds of pests are hiding. For more information, or to begin the termite inspection process, visit:


Pasadena, CA – All Track Exterminators, a Pasadena Ca-based family-owned full service pest control company that continues to serve the local Southern Californian San Gabriel Valley communities with more than 15-years of experience, this week announced in light of the termite infestation problems ravaging Southern California, they are providing much-needed termite inspections to assess the situation and make sustainable changes for permanent remediation.

Borne from a passion for providing home terminate damage repair to families in desperate need of protection from termite infestations, All Track Exterminators will come in and let the homeowner know if there is a problem that has not been seen or addressed by the property owner.

“Termite infestations are a massively frustrating and costly problem that is not classified as home maintenance for any San Gabriel Valley property owner in Southern California. As a result, home insurance companies are not covering the services required to remediate and remove the termite infestations,” said Larry Gutierrez, Operation Manager of All Track Exterminators. “Subsequently, property owners will haphazardly hire a contractor to try and replace or remove damage caused by the termites, but that does not guarantee that the infestation was removed or won’t come back.”

Termites have the ability to cause severe damage to man-made homes today. Although termites are ecologically beneficial little critters for helping wood to decompose in the forest whilst adding nutrients to the soil, these same feeding behaviors that prove helpful to the forest are detrimental to wooden homes. Since they feed primarily on wood, they are able to compromise the strength and safety of an infested structure, leaving homes unlivable insect residents until an expensive all-inclusive treatment and /or repairs are conducted.

Contrary to popular belief, homes not made of wood are also susceptible to termite infestations. Termites are capable of traversing through plaster, metal siding, and other types of common materials. These bugs then can feed on cabinets, floors, ceilings, and wooden furniture within the host home.

“A major problem with termites is that most of the time, they are not identified before they have contributed to significant damage within a home,” said Larry Gutierrez. “Once their damage has been discovered, it is critical that a homeowner call a pest control service in the San Gabriel Valley CA areas exterminator company like ours for an official termite inspection of the property. We will correctly identify the problem and we will discuss the various avenues of treatment that are most convenient for every one our clients.”

Like subterranean species, dry wood termites are very hard to detect and control. All Track Exterminators will use sound detection devices, fiber optic scopes, and other methods that ensure the entire problem is accurately identified and treated. Their termite treatment methods can be classified into whole-house termite eradication and spot termite-treatment methods.

“We specialize in termite prevention by pre-treating soil during new structure construction or post construction and termite control using partial and spot treatments on existing structures,” said Larry at All Track Exterminators. “Residential home termite damage is nothing homeowners want to take lightly now a days. We’re committed to helping everyone repair termite damage and restore dependability and safety to home structures in The Greater Los Angeles Area for Southern California. Help us spread the word.”

All Track Exterminators termite services include termite inspections, termite chemical soil treatment, termite baiting, termite colony elimination, termite damage remediation, and termite preventative treatments. They work hard to provide quick, guaranteed results with 24-7 availability and child and pet-friendly pest control methods. This will keep families safe and healthy throughout San Gabriel Valley Cities. All Track Exterminators will give a step by step individual process.

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