All-Natural Keto Breath Mouthwash Odor & Bacteria Elimination Report Launched

A new report has been launched focusing on the cause of keto breath and how to eliminate it. It details how Breathealer, the all natural mouthwash, can help.

A new report on how to prevent bad breath caused by the keto diet. Unlike regular bad breath, keto breath is associated with the smell of rotten fruit or nail polish remover and can occur when following the diet.

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The newly launched product Breathealer is a cutting edge breath product developed by a dentist with over 40 years of experience. The product is known for leaving the breath fresh, while also improving the health of the whole mouth.

The product is a probiotic remineralizing, breath freshening gel that gets rid of harmful bacteria and encourages the growth of healthy bacteria. Because of this, it makes a good option for anyone suffering from keto breath.

In the company’s new report, it details what causes keto breath before moving on to some of the effective cures available. It highlights that there are two main causes of keto breath, with the first being the release of ketones and the second being excess protein.

When the body metabolizes protein, ammonia is produced, which can smell bad if it’s produced in large amounts. This also escapes from the mouth when someone exhales, leading to bad breath.

There are a number of ways for people to eliminate bad breath, and it begins with drinking plenty of water. Secondly, the report encourages the maintenance of a healthy mouth using flossing daily.

Finally, Breathealer can provide long-lasting and effective results. It is an all-natural, probiotic way to get fresh breath.

The report states: “Not only does breathealer instantly freshen your breath with just one squirt, but it helps maintain a healthy mouth by only eliminating the bad bacteria while the good guys continue to do their thing.”

Breathealer is made from all natural, high quality ingredients to protect customers’ mouth and maintain good overall oral health.

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