All-Metal Reusable Safety Razor | Zero Waste Bathroom Accessory Range Updated

With plastic waste remaining a global environmental problem, zero-waste grocery store Scoop Marketplace updates its range of plastic-free reusable safety razors.

The newly added all-metal shaver includes three recyclable blades that can be adjusted depending on the closeness of the shave required. A built-in pivoting head provides the contour following that is expected of modern razors, with users also being given the option to choose from a chrome, gold, mercury, or silver finish.

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More consumers are seeking sustainable products for use in and around the home. Scoop Marketplace was founded with this goal in mind. The recently released plastic-free leaf razor comes with a lifetime warranty, providing customers with a zero waste shaving option that also has a modern and stylish design.

The USA first introduced curbside recycling programs in the 1960s, and participation rates have increased from around 10% in the 1980s to as much as 80% in 2020. However, despite these efforts, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) reports that the world now produces twice as much plastic waste as it did 20 years ago.

Scoop Marketplace has recognized that more can be done, and its range of zero waste lifestyle products is designed to create more sustainable homes. The new all-metal leaf shaver is a good example. It provides users with several benefits over major brand competitors, including easier cleaning, as well as the option to use one, two, or all three blades.

The company also works in conjunction with the popular sustainability podcast Green Stuff, which recently featured the razor along with a number of other Scoop Marketplace products. For additional information please see:

About Scoop Marketplace

Originating in Seattle, Washington, Scoop Marketplace now provides nationwide, package-free shipping through its online store. In addition to lifestyle products, the retailer also sells groceries and home care goods. Their stated aim is to normalize zero waste shopping, reduce environmental impact, and improve the quality of life for clients.

One client of Scoop Marketplace recently stated: “I am trying to reduce waste and use things that are kinder to the environment as much as possible. Due to health issues, I can’t visit stores in person and I am grateful that Scoop Marketplace will ship their wonderful, high-quality products. I’ve gotten quick, helpful responses to my email questions as well.”

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