All-In-One Car Detailing Eco-Friendly Hydrophobic Top Coat Campaign Launched

Produxa has launched a new all-in-one car detailing product campaign. Produxa Premium is the most advanced hydrophobic all-surface topcoat on the market, producing a showroom quality shine that can last for up to three months.

Produxa has launched a new campaign for customers of their car detailing products. Consumers who buy three Produxa Premium spray bottles will be able to receive a selection of quality detailing products free, including Produxa Premium, scratch and swirl remover, tire shine and top-quality microfiber cloths.

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These products are all available for a special price of just $99.95. They provide a product combination that should enable car owners to produce professional levels of car detailing and achieve a showroom quality shine at home.

Produxa is a family owned firm of car detailing enthusiasts that produce a top-quality range of high-performance car detailing products. Every batch is hand-made in the USA to ensure the highest quality.

Their flagship product, Produxa Premium, is a non-toxic, multi-service, eco-friendly topcoat that has been used by car detailing professionals for years. Now their range is available direct to consumers from the above-mentioned website.

Produxa Premium provides an advanced all-in-one detailing system that can be used on paint, glass, and chrome to provide an easy spray on and rub off, streak-free shine in minutes.

This non-stick, surface-safe coating is quick and easy to apply and polishes, seals and protects with just one application. As the most advanced hydrophobic surface layer on the market, it produces a smooth mirror-like finish that ensures lasting protection for up to three months.

This long-lasting formula can be used on vehicles of any type including cars, SUVs, trucks, and motor homes. Customers are also able to use it on boats to protect them against sun and water damage.

The Produxa Premium three-bottle deal is one of many deals available on the company website. Another deal offers a free car care kit of Produxa Premium, Produxa Shampoo and a Microfibre towel with every two bottles of Produxa Premium purchased. Other deals provide a comprehensive car care kit, a marine kit, detailing bundles, and many other combination deals.

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