All Ages Lipstick Makeup No Smudge Long Lasting Any Skin Tone Range Released

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Online cosmetics company L’Rouge Beauty launched its updated range of lipsticks and glitters which provide glamorous and long-lasting coverage for individuals of all ages, and skin tones.

L’Rouge Beauty, an online cosmetics retailer, has released its updated range of lipsticks designed to make customers stand out from the crowd. The website offers high-quality and durable beauty products to individuals looking to choose from a variety of glitter and color combinations.

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The recently updated products aim to provide affordable and long-lasting makeup suitable for customers of all ages, genders and skin tones.

Surveys show the most common problems experienced by lipstick users are smudging and fading, meaning the product has to be reapplied throughout the day. L’Rouge Beauty’s latest releases instill confidence by providing a solution.

L’Rouge Beauty offers customers access to top-quality lipsticks with a sturdy-but-smooth texture which helps to combat smudging and fading.

The company’s Rouge Effect Lipstick models include striking colors titled ‘Yellow Ice’, ‘Purple Rayne’ and ‘Under the Stars’, as well as more traditional styles named ‘Blaze’ and ‘Cotton Candy’. The Sparx line also lists competitively-priced glitter containers in shades of ‘Feisty’, ‘Motivation’ and ‘S(HE)RO’.

All tubes and containers are portable for convenience and their contents have been manufactured using strict quality control protocols. Compact tubes can be stored in the fashionable tote bags which are also sold on the website.

New customers have the opportunity to become a L’Rouge Beauty insider by claiming a 10 per cent discount on their first purchase, with Matte Liquid Lip Combo items available in ‘Vixen’, ‘Sugar Beet’, and ‘Bombshell’ among others. Meanwhile, the Rouge Eye Pallet boasts an array of colors which add glamour.

With the latest announcement, L’Rouge Beauty continues to expand its all-inclusive range of cosmetic products for customers around the world.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Our brand is the brand of unspoken voices for those who love makeup but need an extra push of encouragement and passion that adds swag to personality. We have worked hard to make sure the lipsticks we have in our line last longer than the nearest competition.”

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