Alive with Clive Reshuffles Its Playlist On Spotify To Reward Top Vote-Getters

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Alive with Clive has just updated its Playlist on Spotify and the Featured Image for the Playlist to acknowledge the votes received by the top vote-getters for their songs on the Playlist.

In its quest to build a music chart that captures the attention of music fans all over the world, Alive with Clive recently instituted and launched a voting system for the songs on its Alive with Clive Playlist on Spotify.

So far, some of the singer-songwriters with songs on the Playlist and their fans have acted on the opportunity to cast votes at for their songs to move to the top of the Playlist.

Now, as promised and as an acknowledgement of early vote-getters, for the first time since the launch of the voting system Alive with Clive has reshuffled the Playlist to reflect voting to date, and has changed the Featured Image for the Playlist to show the song cover images for the four songs that have so far received the most votes.

At first glance, Alive with Clive — The TV Show Where Today’s Top Singer-Songwriters Thrive, might appear to be a brand that is just about music.

Upon closer examination, though, it will become evident that it is a brand that — through the inspiring singer-songwriters it features and promotes — is all about inspiration: to inspire people to honor their passion, be true to their calling, go beyond their comfort zone, persevere, and be resilient, no matter what challenges they need to overcome, on the path to experience self expression and fulfillment in life.

The four singer-songwriters with songs featured in the new Featured Image — Paige Howell for her song “BODY,” Scott Krokoff for “Far Too Many Times,” Rue Snider for “Breathe, Decide,” and Chloe Collins for “Partner in Crime” — fittingly embody, align with and are an expression of the values of the brand.

“The voting system gives music fans around the world the opportunity to discover the songs and boost the music careers of singer-songwriters not yet as well-known as established superstars,” says Clive Swersky, Host and Producer of Alive with Clive and the creator of the Alive with Clive Playlist on Spotify, “and the four singer-songwriters who released the songs shown in the updated Featured Image for the Playlist are now being rewarded for their early vote-getting efforts with more exposure for their songs.”

Of the more than 4 billion playlists on Spotify, the Alive with Clive Playlist on Spotify is the most unique, in that for a song to be included on the Playlist it must be by a singer-songwriter who was featured on Alive with Clive, and songs in different music genres are included on the Playlist.

To date, just over 50, or 15%, of the 340 singer-songwriters specially chosen to be interviewed and perform their songs on Alive with Clive from 2007 to 2019 have gone on to release new songs that have been selected to be on the Playlist, and there are now more than 130 songs on the Playlist.

The idea for the voting system for the Alive with Clive Playlist on Spotify originated after it was learned that 60,000 songs are uploaded to Spotify every day.

Now, through the voting system, in the midst of the avalanche of daily uploads, songs on the Playlist that receive lots of votes, as well as other songs by these singer-songwriters, have a greater chance to be noticed, streamed, enjoyed, added to other playlists, discovered by radio stations and festival bookers, revered, and appreciated over and over again.

In the weeks ahead, at regular intervals, the order in which songs appear on the Playlist and the images for songs in the Featured Image for the Playlist will be updated to reflect the number of votes received by the top vote-getters.

Competition through the voting system for the top spots on the Playlist is thus likely to intensify.

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