Alexander Attorneys Austin Law Firm Posts New Blog Series on Marriage Equality

Alexander Law Firm, a full service law practice in Austin, Texas, has announced a new seven part blog series discussing the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality and how it applies in Texas.

Alexander Law Firm, a full service law practice in Austin Texas, has announced that they are currently posting a new seven part series of blog posts that discuss the details of the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality. The new posts will help same-sex couples in Texas understand how the ruling affects their right to be married and exactly how those rights are protected in Texas.

When the Supreme Court announced its decision in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, it determined that the right for same-sex couples to be married was a right that was protected by the 14th amendment of the constitution and that any current state bans prohibiting same-sex marriage were unconstitutional. The immediate effect of that decision was that same-sex couples were to be allowed to receive marriage licenses and be married in every county in Texas.

Due to the previous ban on same-sex marriage in Texas, the experienced attorneys at Alexander Law Firm are posting a seven part series that discusses the Supreme Court’s decision. The blog posts discussing marriage equality will also discuss related issues that may affect the rights of many Texas residents, especially those of same-sex couples seeking marriage licenses. Various topics related to the decision will be discussed including details about how to obtain a marriage license, obtaining spousal benefits, parent-child relationships, income taxes, and other key issues that Texas residents will face.

The lawyers at Alexander Law Firm are highly experienced trial lawyers and legal counselors with a broad range of expertise in Texas and federal law. They offer a full range of legal services and are committed to helping their clients in Texas understand the ruling on marriage equality.

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