Alex Fedotoff Facebook Ads Ecom Expert Releases CPM Optimization 2018 Course

A new Facebook ads marketing report has been launched by Alex Fedotoff, helping businesses to achieve success online. He is known as a digital and online presence expert, and has helped scale countless brands.

Leading media expert and digital marketing specialist, Alex Fedotoff, has launched a new report focusing on Facebook ads and how they can benefit any business. Whether clients want to have all their marketing done for them, or they want to maximize sales while decreasing CPSA, Alex Fedotoff can help.

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The site explains that Alex Fedotoff has a commitment to excellent service, which is something that sets him apart from other marketing professionals in the field. He offers a range of services to help clients achieve success online.

Interested parties can get a quick and easy to implement personalized strategy for marketing their products and services, which will double their ads ROI in 60 minutes.

In addition to this, one-to-one mentorship is also provided, with a two-day implementation process. Anyone signing up to this services will learn how to get more done in 48 hours than they have in the entire previous year when it comes to marketing success.

Alex is the founder of AF Media Agency, and has a reputation for brilliant online ads. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the world, and has helped clients to scale their brands and achieve huge success.

While many marketing experts focus on ads and tactics, Alex Fedotoff instead places the emphasis on the conversion process. His services are designed to attract and convert high paying repeat buyers, while generating marketplace goodwill and brand awareness.

He states: “Very few understand the social behaviors and strategy to turn an ice cold prospect into a high paying client within a 48 hour window.”

In the new report, business owners and marketing professionals can learn how to place manual bids on Facebook, the meaning of pacing in ads, and three main bid strategies to know to achieve success.

The report has been written to help clients stay ahead of their competition, get more leads, and ultimately boost sales. Full details can be found on the URL above.

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