Alert Rental Provides Support and Guidance to Startup Companies

Startup companies now have a trusted vendor for rental management software, thanks to Alert Rental SaaS solution. Alert Rental is a leading supplier of Windows-based rental management solutions.

With nearly half a century in business and countless years of rental experience, Alert’s team understands what it is like in the rental industry and the small business world. Every company has to start somewhere, and the staff at Alert has seen it all. When it comes to startup companies, Alert offers a variety of services to help your business succeed.

Our project managers provide tons of experience and individualized training to get you started. Our pricing is upfront, so you will know what you are paying for to avoid extra costs. We also make it affordable for new businesses to get a world-class rental inventory system for a minimal investment. We will go as you grow, which means you can purchase more licenses for new store locations and users as you need them.

“Alert’s SaaS (software as a service) Model is perfect for startup companies because it gives them access to the feature-rich Alert software platform,” notes John Fusco Jr., Sales Manager of Alert Rental. “This is driven by our clients who run highly successful rental companies. Alert has consciously made the decision to not scale back our SaaS Model to allow clients to get the functionality they need to start their own business without substantial startup costs.”

Alert’s team has helped many startups over the years and are currently in the process of implementing more. We have done this countless times and intimately understanding rental, so we have knowledge of how to handle issues as they come. Flexibility and growth are the key parts to keep in mind when it comes to forming a relationship with us. Not sure if you are ready to take that next step with your company? We are here to help you grow your business to where you want it to go and beyond.

About Alert Rental

Alert Rental is a leading supplier of Windows-based rental management solutions to single store and multi-store rentaloperations across North America. Founded in 1976, Alert provides its customers with decades of experience and innovation in the rental business. Alert’s event, tool, and equipment rental industries have drawn in clients just like you who hope to create something special. Alert continues to improve our features through integrations and other enhancements. For more information, visit our website:

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