Alejandra Corbella Obregon Shares Tips On How To Protect Crypto Investments

The Co-founder of Crypto Babes, Alejandra Corbella Obregon shares amazing tips on how to protect your crypto wallet and investments at The Gold Rush Crypto Summit!

The Gold Rush Crypto Summit welcomes Alejandra Corbella Obregon, the co-founder of Crypto Babes, a community of 22,000 women looking to learn and share all things crypto, DeFi and Blockchain.

Alejandra is a Crypto Journalist for Gokhshtein Media and the Content Creator of Crypto Cultura, a new content podcast about cryptocurrency.

Through online content, she hopes to empower immigrants and women to learn about and use cryptocurrencies.

Alejandra Corbella Obregon shares some tips with The Gold Rush Crypto Summit and an overview of how to think about investing in cryptocurrencies as a beginner. She shares important strategies to protect cryptocurrency investments and empower the security of everyone’s crypto accounts.

“You have to be very careful how you connect your wallet because any time a protocol is hacked, a protocol is compromised. If you have been connected to it, your wallet is compromised as well, and money can go missing out of your account. So you have to be very careful what you click,” Corbella said.

Alejandra shares how she helps protocols to have safer measures to avoid getting hacked and other success stories with cryptocurrency.

“Even the whole question when people ask, how many Bitcoins do you have? You always say, not enough. That’s in people that I know. And then that’s something that people then in the space know because you don’t want to disclose that, you have to be very careful in what you do where you share your information. So you know, that’s just some of the practices,” Corbella stated.

Join Alejandra Corbella Obregon, learn more crypto tips and strategies, and be inspired by how she is supporting others with cryptocurrency.

The Gold Rush Crypto Summit, which helps Crypto beginners learn the secrets of how to participate in safe cryptocurrency platforms to build a financial future.

Crypto beginners can learn to avoid the most costly crypto mistakes and bring awareness of Cryptocurrency as a wealth-building alternative.

“We are committed to educating the cryptocurrency community on how to use secure cryptocurrency platforms. We have invited some of the World’s Top Crypto Experts who will be sharing their success secrets and strategies about Cryptocurrency”, says Rick Hayhurst, co-founder of The Gold Rush Crypto Summit.

The Gold Rush Crypto Summit goes live March 9-11, 2022, 11a-6p EST.

This remarkable and extraordinary three-day event, will stream interviews and sessions with some of the World’s Top Crypto Investors and Experts, sharing expertise and success secrets with Cryptocurrency.

Monika Krimedahl and Rick Hayhurst, co-founders, invite the beginners and experienced pros to join this must-have event and learn awesome strategies and methods to create more money from some of the leading Crypto Experts!

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