Albuquerque Smart Building Commercial Lighting & Energy Solutions Announced

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Albuquerque NM energy management and lighting control company Integrated Systems Technology Services has launched lighting control and energy management solutions that work with smart building technologies. These solutions are designed to help owners use infrastructure data to streamline performance and costs.

Albuquerque NM energy management and lighting control company Integrated Systems Technology Services announced the launch of its “smart building” lighting & energy management solutions. These solutions are designed to help commercial building owners leverage smart building technology to lower costs and improve management capabilities.

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A report by Stockholm smart building consultancy Memoori estimates that approximately 40 percent of a building’s energy consumption is for lighting. As a result, lighting controls and automation are vital to the efficiency of the Internet of Things (IoT) enabled smart building technologies.

Integrated Systems Technology Services has created a smart building solution that incorporates lighting control, energy management, and audiovisual control capabilities. The solution supports infrastructure and data point sharing, allowing owners of commercial properties to offer unified systems that include power-saving lighting controls, database management, fire detection, safety, and security systems.

Lighting control and energy management data from smart buildings is analyzed and can be used to program complex systemic responses to multiple combinations of factors such as occupancy, business schedules, local weather, and visibility. Building owners benefit from lower operating costs because of optimized resource consumption and improved response to client needs.

Integrated Systems Technology Services provides project management, database management, short-term and long-term field service, technical support, and the sales of energy management systems.

According to a spokesperson for the Albuquerque NM building energy management systems provider, “Smart buildings with data point sharing help owners and providers identify areas of opportunities to improve infrastructure efficiencies and performance. We look forward to partnering with commercial property owners to develop, customize, commission, maintain, and support building systems.”

Integrated Systems Technology Services is a full-service controls and automation company providing energy management, lighting control, and automation services for commercial structures. The company’s wide service network in New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Massachusetts, and New Jersey makes trained local service teams available to clients in these states. More information is available over the phone at 855-475-0243 and at the URL above.

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