Alabama’s Smart Home Experts Share How Automation Can Help Seniors Living Alone

Sphere Audio Video has published its latest article on home automation for seniors and elderly living alone. It provides tips and ideas on how to use various smart devices to make life easier but also helps monitor your loved ones.

An article has been released and published by Sphere Audio Video, entitled ‘Smart Homes Help Seniors And Elderly Living Alone. An authority website in home automation has shared the benefits of smart technology and how it can help monitor your beloved older family members living alone. The article brings to light fascinating information and ideas for those, especially with beloved elderly, who are a little “stubborn” and prefer to live independently. Nurses, Care Homes, individuals, or anybody interested in the benefits of a smart home for seniors and elderly living alone can read the entire article at

There is a stigma that seniors are technologically challenged or that most don’t want to learn, thinking it’s too complicated. Due to this reasoning, it does discourages the majority from upgrading their homes with smart devices to help the quality of life. However, perhaps one of the most interesting or relevant information to the elderly and their family member or home visit nurses is that home automation can help anybody and everybody.

The article has been written by Chris, who wanted to use this article to bring particular attention to the benefits of a smart home automation for seniors and elderly living alone. They feel they may have done this best in the following extract:

‘Smart home technology has become more and more popular with modern homeowners, especially with current adult generations and Millenials. Older generations may feel intimidated or look at smart technology as another gadget they need to learn. Still, this statement is far from the truth. ‘

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