Alabama Volkswagen and Porsche Restoration Shop Announces Trademark Registration

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Airkooled Kustoms announces registration of its trademark logo. The shop has been recognized as being a front runner in the realm of custom classic Volkswagen and Porsche restoration. More information can be found at

Airkooled Kustoms, a classic car restoration shop operating Hazel Green, Alabama, announces its successful trademark logo registration. This news coincides nicely with the launch of the shop’s book, “Blood, Sweat & Vintage Steel” on Amazon and Kindle and recent additions to the clothing line bearing the shop’s logo.

The company has been operating in the classic cars market since 2005 and has become the southeast region’s leader for vintage Volkswagen and Porsche restoration. In the past decade, the shop has risen from obscurity to reach a position of national recognition in the industry. The shop’s reputation for obsessive attention to detail and jaw-dropping design keeps the production schedule full even though the price tag on restorations might shock the uninitiated.

“When a client commissions a full VW or Porsche restoration, we know we are holding their memories and dreams in our hands. Maybe they grew up in a Volkswagen family, helping Dad turn wrenches to keep their beloved bus on the road. Or, maybe they learned to drive in a Beetle. Maybe an image of the iconic James Dean Porsche lodged in their imagination years ago, setting the standard for cool. We take having the privilege of building these imagination-fueled vehicles for our clients seriously. We do it right. There’s no other way to do it. It’s expensive to do it right, but it’s far more expensive to take short cuts and end up paying twice,” said Eric “Spook” LeClair.

Classic car restoration’s growth in popularity is evidenced by a handful of television shows and skyrocketing prices for vintage vehicles featured in Barrett-Jackson auctions. While professionally restored classic Volkswagens and Porsches may be out of reach for many car enthusiasts, anyone can wear t-shirts and other garments that display their passion for this unique hobby. That’s why the shop also features a clothing line designed by Jim “Snoopy” Walker, one of the shop’s owners and the creator of the trademarked logo. Snoopy’s designs feature the logo and themes connected to patriotism, hard work, and the “darkside” which refers to automotive customization that is formidable yet stealthy.

Airkooled Kustoms has used its skull logo for several years, and as the shop’s popularity has grown both at local, regional, and national shows and in social media, so have clothing line sales. The owners decided it was time to register the shop’s trademark logo. The shop logo represents a unique brand and is recognized instantly by fans. Registering the logo offers the shop a measure of federal protection while also ensuring the shop was not infringing on any other company’s intellectual property.

Eric “Spook” LeClair also mentioned Airkooled Kustoms’ future plans involve helping a new generation of classic Volkswagen and Porsche enthusiasts get their rides on the road while looking good in the process. One goal of the shop is to promote the classic car hobby while expanding the shop’s recognition on a national and international level.

Airkooled Kustoms plans to maintain its position at the forefront of custom early Volkswagen and Porsche restoration for years to come, building on its success, finding new ways to serve its community, restoration clients, clothing line customers, and the world at large.

More information on Airkooled Kustoms can be found at their website:

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