Alabama Rapper KB37 Unorthodox Hip Hop Album Official Artist Website Launched

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Emerging Alabama hip hop artist KB37 has launched his official website for fans who want to receive the latest updates about his new album and upcoming live performances.

Rising hip hop artist Antwan Boswell, also known as KB37, has launched his official website for fans looking for fresh updates about his new songs and music career.

More information is available at

Fitzpatrick’s own KB37 aims to welcome new and old fans alike to a page that has “a little bit of everything” about his latest album, Unorthodox, and his previous work. The site also provides links to album vendors and streaming sites, and it allows users to directly download some singles.

Users may also join the site’s email list for the latest news and content. Those who register will also receive two songs free of charge.

As of this writing, the songs “So Fitzpatrick” and “No Guidance” can be sampled for free through the website.

Unorthodox and his earlier releases are currently streaming on Spotify and Apple Music, and individual tracks can be purchased through Amazon.

KB37 has also produced music videos for the songs “KB37”, “Pay Attention”, and “Stressin”, which can be viewed on his official YouTube account.

Initially known as Kountryboi 37, KB37 independently released his first album Trials & Tribulations in 2017. According to him, the positive response garnered by the work motivated him to continue his rap career.

KB37 took an interest in hip hop in the fifth grade after seeing a group doing freestyle in the gym while making beats on the bleachers with pencils. His attentiveness caught the attention of the group, who then invited him to give freestyling a try.

He said that at that moment, he fell in love with music. He also recalled that during times of physical, emotional, and mental conflicts, writing songs became his therapy.

The hardships he experienced in the streets led to his new purpose of living by example. He said that he had combined his ambition for change with his passion for music to become a “therapeutic voice of truth”.

Speaking about his music style, KB37 said that he takes pride in operating outside mainstream hip hop, which he described as “diluted”. “I plan on bringing nothing less than the best quality from here on out,” he said.

Full details about Unorthodox and his upcoming releases can be found at the URL above.

Release ID: 88990807