Alabama Bartenders William Batson Named First Certified Spirits Professional in the State

William Batson is the first among Alabama bartenders to receive the prestigious Certified Spirits Professional designation awarded by the United States Bartenders Guild (USBG) Master Accreditation Board, an organization that encourages skill development and innovation for professional bartenders.

Birmingham, United States – July 26th, 2014 /PressCable/

Alabama bartender turned entrepreneur William Batson has been recognized as a Certified Spirits Professional by the United States Bartenders Guild. The award opens the door for the founder of the Bar Hops, a bar consulting and event service, to become certified as a Master Mixologist.

The USBG Master Accreditation Program is an internationally recognized achievement and part of their ongoing mission to raise the level of expertise and professionalism in the bar industry.

This is the first SP certification to be awarded in Alabama.

The United States Bartenders Guild (USBG) is an organization of professional bartenders created in 1948 as a way to encourage professional practices and education among the bartending community.

Batson worked to bring the USBG to Alabama bartenders when he recognized the need for education and training in order to improve the level of expertise in the industry as well as provide more income opportunity as skill level increases.

Bartenders are often paid less than minimum wage on the assumption it would be made up in tips, which is not always proven to be the case.

USBG members are encouraged to learn skills that can help them to become innovators in an increasingly sophisticated market.

“Just like any other trade, all up and comers must invest in education and practice in order to hone their skills to become masters of their craft.” stated William.

To be certified, students must study and train continually in order to pass written and practical examinations which can take several years.

“Bartenders need to be innovative and learn culinary arts, just like a chef would. It can take a number of years to develop the knowledge and the palette to pair the right drink with the customer's tastes and develop presentation skills to go along with it.” he continued.

The Bar Hops began when Batson discovered a there was a need for professional bartenders who could staff special events such as outdoor weddings, corporate events and venues.

As patrons have become more sophisticated they wanted more than just a drink slinger who sloshed drinks into a glass. The company provides Alabama bartenders who have a higher level of skill for both events and private parties.

Their services labeled “mobile bartending” make it easier for anyone wanting an unusual venue or trained staff for their event to have professional bartenders as well as bar setups and even glassware which Bar Hops can provide.

In addition to running his company Batson enjoys creating new recipes and entering competitions. He has been the winner of several including one by Absolut Vodka and most recently the Birmingham Vulcan Park competition for a special drink to celebrate their 100th anniversary. The innovative cocktail featured Clyde May's Alabama Whiskey.

For more information contact William at 205.538.2467 or visit

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