Akron Ohio Confidential STD Testing, HIV Resources and Treatments Site Launched

A new STD information and resource site has been launched for Cleveland and Akron, Ohio residents. It provides guidance on what types of STDs there are and what to do if someone thinks they have one.

A new site has been launched focusing on information and resources for STDs in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio. STD Examiner is designed to provide guidance, information and help for anyone wondering about STD testing in Ohio, the cost of STD testing, and where to find confidential STD testing.

More information can be found at: https://ineedstdtesting.com/std-testing-cleveland-std-testing-akron

The new site explains that sexually transmitted diseases happen in every city and every state. Research shows that Ohio is one of the top 20 cities in the country for STDs.

With this in mind, it’s important to know where the nearest STD testing centers are. The new site explains that it’s easy to Google where the nearest centers are, and for readers around Akron or Cleveland, there is certain to be one nearby.

STD Examiner highlights that it can often be cheaper to go to an STD clinic that going to an ER. It’s also faster, so going to a specialized center can be advisable.

The new site was launched for anyone wondering what kinds of STDs there are, and if they have contracted one. However, websites cannot give a diagnosis, so it’s important to get in touch with a doctor if someone suspects they do have an STD.

STD Examiner says: “A sexually transmitted disease is an infection passed from one individual to another through sexual contact. STDs can be spread via vaginal, anal or oral sex.”

Anyone who is sexually active is at risk of contracting an STD. Some of the factors that increase the risk include having unprotected sex, having sexual contact with many partners, experiencing drug abuse, or having a genetic history of STDs.

STD Examiner states that some of the symptoms to look out for include extreme pain during urination, rashes, swollen testicles, vaginal itching, vaginal blisters, and pain during sex.

Anyone who suspects they have an STD in the Ohio area is encouraged to get in touch with their nearest clinic.

Full details of the newly launched site can be found on the URL above.

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