Akita Shiba Dog Owner Breed Temperament Loyalty Size And Growth Guide Launched

A new guide to the popular Akita Shiba dog breed has been launched by My Best Bark. It covers everything a prospective owner needs to know to make an informed decision about their future.

A new guide to the Akita Shiba dog breed has been launched by My Best Bark. It highlights that this breed is known for its mix of loyalty and energy, combining many of the most sought-after aspects of other dogs.

More information can be found at: https://mybestbark.com/akita-shiba-mix

The newly launched guide aims to provide prospective dog owners with all the information they need to make a more informed buying or rescuing decision.

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Now they have released this new guide to highlight what makes the Akita Shiba unique, how to train the dog, and the growth and age expectancy of the breed.

Readers will find that the Akita Shiba is known as a protector, and has traits of determination and loyalty. The newly launched guide covers personality traits, temperament, health, and appearance.

Made up of the Shiba Uni and the Akita Uni, the Akita Shiba is a mixed breed. These are both native to Japan, and are closely related to each other.

Both dogs were originally bred for hunting, and over the years they have been used for a wide range of jobs. While the mixed breed is relatively new with only a 20-year history, the signs are that they are more popular than ever.

The new guide underscores that the Akita Shiba is a strong breed with a playful and alert personality. Their determination can be a benefit once they are trained, but during the training process they will be more difficult.

My Best Bark states: “With the proper care and regular exercise, an Akita Shiba dog can live to be up to 12 years, and sometimes longer. Due to their newer status as a dog breed, getting an average age is harder to do, but they share a similar life expectancy as most other dogs this size.”

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