A&J Fire Extinguisher Examines Remarkable New Fire Safety Technologies

Representatives of New York City-based fire extinguisher inspection and supplier company look to faster, smarter technology that makes fire-fighting quicker, easier and more effective in the 21st century.

A&J Fire Extinguisher, a leading Brooklyn, New York-based fire extinguisher inspection and supplier company providing products and services for all of NYC’s fire protection needs, has been examining remarkable new fire safety technologies that build on the basics to make fire-fighting quicker, easier and more effective in the 21st century. While the basics of fire safety remain – from stocking the right extinguisher to attending fire classes – it’s the advancements in the industry that are truly making the difference, including the use of sound waves, video and detection technology.

According to A&J’s research, two engineering students at George Mason University harnessed sound to put out fires using a chemical- and water-free extinguisher that utilizes sound waves to separate burning fuel from oxygen.

“Fire dies with no oxygen, so using this sound wave extinguisher on small fires has proven successful for snuffing them out,” says Principal of A&J Fire Extinguisher. “Researchers previously patented this idea, but our analysis shows that this is the first sound wave extinguisher to work reliably. Not only does it work, but the final prototype has been realized in a handheld variant – and is relatively affordable to build at $600 each.”

Other tech A&J reps are looking at include water mist systems, which improve on typical sprinkler systems and are considered to be a major part of the future of fire-fighting, with such mist systems sending out a fine mist that smothers a fire rather than large droplets of water; integrated voice evacuation and messaging systems, which alert occupants with pre-recorded messages when a fire breaks out in a fraction of a second; personalized vocal smoke alarms, which allow users to record a message using their own voice so parents can more easily rouse a sleeping child during a fire; Birdi smart technology, which monitors air quality and reports it to a smartphone so first responders can be called via landline; and video image smoke detection, which can pinpoint the precise place smoke begins and then analyze the brightness, contrast, motion and color of the smoke to assess a fire.

“While fires are unavoidable even when all necessary safety precautions are taken, it’s these kinds of advances in technology that improve our chances of fighting fires effectively with earlier detection and more versatile suppression methods,”.

A&J Fire Extinguisher is the leading fire extinguisher service provider in New York City and provides products and services for all fire protection needs. The company utilizes the latest technology to keep required equipment up-to-date and in compliance with the ever-changing fire code laws of the city.

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